New product ideas for interior design in 2019 – the Pure Talents Contest at forthcoming imm cologne

Jury of the Pure Talents Contest 2019
Jury of the Pure Talents Contest is discussing about the submissions: Rianne Makkink, Suvi Saloniemi, Cristian Zuzunaga, Wilfried Lembert and Johannes Hünig. Photo: Koelnmesse

The Pure Talents Contest, which is held at imm cologne and is now in its sixteenth year, has once again made big waves. With 926 products from all over the world, the number of this year’s submissions is – once again – higher than the previous year’s.

Natural living:
Future materials for architecture and design

Troldtekt - holistic solutions for interior constructions
Interior construction: Requirements for sustainability and fire protection require integrated solutions such as acoustic panels made of cement-bonded wood wool without chemical additives. Photo: Troldtekt

Who says, that stones and concrete are the only construction materials that can be used for homes and that, generally speaking, furniture have to be made from wood or conventional plastic? We will take a look at the possible construction materials for sustainable architecture, interior design and interior design of tomorrow.

Living by Moods – “Das Haus 2019” by Truly Truly: FAQs about the design event at imm cologne 2019

Illustration: Truly Truly

“Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is set to enter round eight. At the international interiors show imm cologne in January 2019, the Australian designer couple Truly Truly will present an elegant, airy design, which seeks new approaches to an open domestic culture. With their sensual use of details – the textures, textiles, colours – and the ambiguity of the assignment of room functions and the design of furniture (somewhere between function and art, between private and public), Kate and Joel Booy are sure to give trade fair visitors a thrilling experience. “Living by Moods” will showcase emotive spaces that challenge the conventions of home living in the most beautiful and sensual way.

Truly Truly from down under want to turn
“Das Haus 2019” on its head

Photo: Truly Truly

Every year, the imm cologne presents a different, very personal vision of contemporary living, created by hot young designers and design teams from around the world. Over an area of around 180 m², “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is constructed and fully furnished in accordance with the plans of the respective nominated designer. In January 2019, Studio Truly Truly will turn “Das Haus” into an experiment in living itself.

Heat by Northern:
A lamp as social project of glowing creativity

Photo: Håkan Nordström, Northern

Swedish designer Johanna Forsberg describes her Heat pendant lamp as a glowing cloud of fire. The lamps are made by the still young Norwegian manufacturer Northern. But Heat is more than just a Norwegian-Swedish co-production – it is also a social project. Heat is produced in partnership with a development agency that gives asylum seekers and migrants the chance to gain training and find work by producing the lamps.

Vitra project at Orgatec: Work – office scenarios for merging of work and public space

Photo: Koelnmesse

Where is the office today? Is it in our smartphones and tablets? Does it only exist in our heads? Or do we still need the ritual of coming to a physical space dedicated to work? For this year’s Orgatec fair, Vitra will be focusing on the increasing convergence of the office realm and public spaces, subsumed under the title “Work”. The presentation showcases three examples of office scenarios.

Light for well-being:
Circadian lighting mimics the natural changes in light

Photo: Philips Lighting

A relaxing evening in front of the TV calls for very different living room lighting to that required for concentrated work. Similarly, the light needed to prepare a meal properly in the kitchen will very definitely not work for the intimate dinner that follows. And in the bathroom, too, there are many different lighting needs at different times of the day. New technologies and the products developed with them can imitate the circadian rhythm of daylight and support people in their home lives – this is a growth market.

Dick Spierenburg: “We want to improve hall 11 with Pure Atmospheres and offer visitors added value.”

Foto: Koelnmesse, Dick Spierenburg

In the course of the continuing further development of the trade fair, on the occasion of imm cologne 2019, the structuring of the Pure design segment with the reformulation of hall 11 will be perfected to provide an architecturally looser, but atmospherically even more condensed hall of “Pure Atmospheres”. Dick Spierenburg is the architect of the redesigned hall 11 and explains the motifs for the trade fair update in an interview.