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Interior Trends 2009: picture gallery of the trend Extra Much

The Trendboard at the imm cologne has identified four major interior design trends for 2009. Here is the first one: Extra Much.

This trend reflects the end of restraint in design, even for those who value a harmonious balance between colours and forms as well as old and new. Consumers who traditionally favour harmony are rejecting minimalism in exchange for something more creative and bold: More complex and playful forms, new materials, such as technical plastics and expressive colours ranging from may green and loud yellow and orange shades to the fundamental blue-green hue.

People want designs which are less balanced and more extreme. They are opening up to new technologies and virtual worlds. The design is left to follow its own rules, instilling products and lifestyles with the impetus to test the limits of new technologies. As if to compensate for this aesthetic, obsolete industrial pieces are reconceived to create design objects and old materials like aluminium and plexiglass are rejuvenated through new processing methods.

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