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Oliver Holy on this year’s furniture trends: “Quiet quality instead of loud luxury.”

oliver_holy1What are the key trends influencing furniture design this year? We asked designers, manufacturers, retailers and journalists for their assessments and observations.

Oliver Holy, CEO ClassiCon, München:
At the fair I regularly came across the new term “Homing”. Even if I’m reluctant to label any change in public desires right away I do understand what this one tries to register. I, too, believe that the uncertainty caused by the current economic and ecologic developments evokes a desire for concentrating on basics. With regard to interiors and materials this means to me that furniture which is natural, “grounded” and can even develop patina is favored and that loud and flashy styles become replaced by haptically pleasant forms and materials. I see this confirmed by the enthusiasm with which Sergio Rodrigues collection has been received.

Quiet quality instead of loud luxury, technically perfect workmanship, ecologically responsible production processes – all this, I think, will influence the buying behavior. Design surrendering to these desires is attractive: if it is modern regarding its form and material and at the same time displays a potential to become a classic.

I’m thinking of names such as Grcic and Barber Osgerby. I’m convinced that people will go on consuming, the progression, however, will not lie in the field of quantity but – with regard to a search for long-term value – of quality.