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New Website: Expert knowledge about veneer in English by Initiative Furnier + Natur

The new website: (Source: IFN)
The new website: (Source: IFN)

Initiative Furnier und Natur (IFN) has published a website in English. The web presence under the address: provides expert knowledge about real wood veneer for an international public.

“Veneer is one of the most attractive products that can be made from wood. The new website is a comprehensive and reliable information source, with numerous examples of how veneer is used in design and interiors”, explains the Secretary of the IFN, Dirk-Uwe Klaas.

The English language website presents veneer to the public as a fascinating material. In addition, experts will find valuable information about their material. Architects and designers report on their special liking of veneer.

A video graphically explains how veneer is made – from the thick round timber log through to the gluing of wafer-thin sheets of the finest wood onto a surface. In photo galleries the internet users find out more about the best wood species for veneer production.