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Fläpps by Ambivalenz: the reincarnation of the folding chair

Photo: Ambivalenz

Anyone who’s never done it before is in for a surprise: a single flick of the wrist – and it’s ready for use. “Fläpps”, the folding chair by young Berlin design label Ambivalenz, is not only extremely thin – just 20 mm – its various patterns and motifs make it a design object as well. The specially developed folding mechanism permits easy transport and one-handed operation – if you fold it out at the top, it folds out at the bottom too. Thanks to its flexible backrest and slight bounce, it’s far more comfortable than many other members of its genre – without sacrificing any of their stability. Folded together, the cantilever chair serves as a decorative furnishing item and has no need to hide away in the broom cupboard. Fläpps is available in white, black and natural birch, as well as with various prints – including many new motifs that were presented at the imm cologne 2013.

Also new since the imm cologne: Fläpps as a shelf for the wall. In the 40 x 40 cm version, it serves as a practical little additional shelf or decorative element. In the 40 x 80 cm size, it also makes an excellent bureau. If the two are combined, they create a wall-filling, flexible shelving system that can be added to at will – and can thus takes new life situations or spatial circumstances effortlessly in its stride.

Photo: Ambivalenz

Anything Fläpps can do, Streips can do too: made out of a single piece of multiplex plywood and also just 20 mm thick, the coat rack can be folded up to create a single decorative element. Streips divides spaces, stores coats and hats, can be extended indefinitely and is available in natural birch or with a tree motif. But Streips isn’t just a coat rack. The series also includes stools and tables that use the same folding principle and are likewise made of a single piece. The 45-cm-high stool folds up like a toy, can be carried like a handbag and provides a comfortable seat thanks to its cotton cords. The table bases in the series are available in various heights and widths for different requirements: they can be used to create an occasional table, a coffee table, a dining table or a desk. The stools and table bases are available in natural birch, white or with various motifs.

Photo: Ambivalenz

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