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imm premiere – the HIDEsk by Noroom: (work)space even in the smallest abode

Photo: Noroom

The classic desk in the home office is an endangered species. Devices are getting increasingly smaller and permanently installed computers are giving way to mobile solutions. This means the good 2 m² of expensive living space taken up by the furniture can be saved and, above all, put to more variable use.

In fact, the idea of saving space in general is currently experiencing a renaissance, as the new generations of folding chairs, benches or dining tables go to show. So why not develop a folding bureau, wondered designer Michael Hilgers. He reflected on this topical theme, gave it a modern slant and transferred it to the home office. The result: a folding bureau by the name of HIDEsk.

The folding desk is just as mobile as the laptop or tablet it is meant for. Users are finally free to decide where (and indeed whether) they want to set up their ergonomic and functional workstation. At around 70 cm wide, the desk is big enough to accommodate a 15″ notebook and a mouse pad.

Photo: Noroom

Behind the individually configurable back panel with its integrated mounting for iPad & Co. there is plenty of space for storing cable clutter and adapters out of sight. The cables are simply fed through the corresponding openings and hooked up with the device.

As soon as work time is over, the HIDEsk is folded up. The slender storage ledges on the front can then be used for keeping books, magazines or the tablet within easy reach. Even in its deactivated state, the furniture thus continues to perform a function and doesn’t leave the space idle. If more room is needed, the bureau is simply folded together and, like a folding chair, leaned against the wall or hidden away. HIDEsk celebrated its premiere at the imm cologne 2013’s D3 Professionals show in Pure Village.

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