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Das Haus: Louise Campbell to design
“Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” in 2014

Louise CampbellPhoto: Louise Campbell

The walk-in “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” installation will be erected at the next imm cologne too – this time based on plans by Louise Campbell. Following the format’s successful premiere with London design studio Doshi Levien in 2012 and Venetian designer Luca Nichetto’s elegant interpretation at the imm cologne 2013, the next “Das Haus” will be created by an up-and-coming young designer from Scandinavia. “Being given a free hand to tell the realistic story of an ideal home is of course a really wonderful challenge,” says Louise Campbell, evidently delighted about the invitation to design “Das Haus” in 2014. “But it’s a difficult challenge too,” she adds, “because although this is a unique opportunity for any designer, it means you have to commit to a certain direction, whereas if there’s one thing my work has taught me it’s that there are as many ideal homes in the world as there are people.”

Louise Campbell is a Danish furniture and lighting designer with an English instinct for interior design. She is undoubtedly one of the leading protagonists in a new avant-garde generation of designers who are evolving the grand tradition of Scandinavian Modernism not only with respect but with new-found self-confidence as well. Between the poles of traditional minimalism and a far more playful approach that exhibits great courage in its willingness to experiment with forms and materials, she creates furniture and luminaires that owe their appeal just as much to their clear forms as to their emotional aesthetics. Louise Campbell’s works are anything but austere – instead, for all the stringency of their forms, their warmth and the playful, sometimes even humorous way she reinterprets everyday objects exudes an irresistible fascination.

Born to Danish and English parents in Copenhagen in 1970, Campbell has been influenced by two cultures. After graduating from the London College of Furniture in 1992, she returned to Scandinavia and studied Industrial Design at the Danish Design School. After graduating in 1995, she set up her own business the same year and was soon celebrating her first triumphs, especially in the field of lighting design. Besides her lighting and furniture designs, Louise Campbell is also increasingly active in the fields of product and interior design. Her long list of clients includes Louis Poulsen, Zanotta, HAY, Royal Copenhagen, Holmegaard, Stelton, Muuto, Interstop and the Danish Ministry of Culture.

“Das Haus” – half designer portrait, half blueprint for the future
“Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is the simulation of a home at the international interior design fair imm cologne. In the middle of the Pure Village hall, the trade fair erects an approximately 180 m² platform as an open stage for the installation. Every year, the imm cologne nominates a new designer whose plans are then used for the layout and furnishings. As Guest of Honour, he/she determines what both the architectural elements and the furnishings for the interior and outdoor spaces will look like. The furniture, colours, materials, lighting and accessories chosen by the Guest of Honour add up to an individually configured interior design. But this holistically conceived proposal isn’t just meant to be forward-looking; it should be practical as well – and above all authentic. “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is both a designer portrait and a visionary blueprint, an example of how it is possible to create a world of one’s own that becomes an expression of one’s own personality. At the same time, however, the project doesn’t just focus on current furnishing trends: it addresses the public’s aspirations and social change as well.

In 2012, Indian-British design team Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien were in charge of the new format’s debut, staging an almost organically evolved space that promotes an atmosphere of communicative coexistence between its inhabitants and their cultures. In 2013, Italian product designer Luca Nichetto staged the second edition of the design event as an elegant ensemble that opens up to nature on all sides.

In Louise Campbell’s hands, “Das Haus” is set to become a theatre stage
A totally new interpretation of “Das Haus” can be expected from the Danish designer. It is no coincidence that she mainly made a name for herself with lamps that are as classic as they are poetic. Today she is regarded as a specialist for using light to stage spaces. On the other hand, her furniture and objects always tell a story too, so that the architecture and interior design of “Das Haus” will probably have a strong narrative character as well. But one thing is certain: the “house” created in the midst of Pure Village at the imm cologne 2014 looks set to become a fascinating stage for Louise Campbell’s dream of home living, somewhere between Alice’s Wonderland, Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”, the music of The Cure and the architecture of tomorrow.
“I want to try and create a very special, cosmopolitan, gentle voice,” says Louise Campbell in an almost mysterious announcement of her intentions. “Something that every ideal home has, without which the constant, gentle dialogue between the helpful house and its greedy occupants wouldn’t be possible.” It will be interesting to see what story she is going to tell us.

In 2014, Pure Village will be sharing the spacious setting of Hall 2.2 with the new format Pure Elegance

Pure Village was launched in 2010 as a conceptual and spatial extension of the Pure segment. With its systematically planned trade fair architecture and extended interior design offering, it has proved an ideal addition to the large-scale brand presentations in Hall 11.

Under the title Pure, the imm cologne brings together presentations by brand-name manufacturers who feel a special commitment to design. The great demand for premium exhibition space called for targeted expansion of the Pure offering. After Pure Village and Pure Editions, the platform for creative brands with visionary products and product concepts that was very successfully launched last year, another new format will be opening its doors in 2014: Pure Elegance. The imm cologne’s new Pure format provides the lavishly dimensioned setting for stylish collections from the luxurious high-end segment. Staged in self-contained brand worlds, the interior designs showcased here represent an exclusive lifestyle that is expressed in the form of unusual, often eclectic aesthetics, sophistication and exceptionally high-quality materials and workmanship.

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