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Louise Campbell:
“There are lots of flexible spaces to experiment.”


Louise Campbell is known for her beautiful lamps and accessories, filigree armchairs and decorative interiors. With her scenography for “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” at the imm cologne 2014, she will be using an abundance of creative ideas to show the design world another side of herself. “Das Haus” will surprise visitors with shifting scales and a conceptual approach that focuses on measurements and measuring instruments. In this interview, Louise Campbell describes her ideas for implementing her work and reveals a lot about her personal outlook as well.

What do you mean by “a house made to measure”?
“Das Haus” is about changing pace as well as scale. The title “0-100. (Made to measure.)” refers to the meticulousness with which we designers work, always seeking to perfect even on millimetre-scale. It refers to my version of “Das Haus” being made to fit the slightly unusual dimensions of the given space exactly. It refers to measuring instruments. If you look closely you’ll find measuring instruments in most rooms of a home – in kitchens, bathrooms, workspaces. But it also very much refers to measuring priorities – to weighing things up in order to find a balance in life in spite of daily shifts between high levels of activity and absolute calm. Finally, “Das Haus” is a platform of precision and certainty, because if you have a reliable base it gives you the freedom to do just about anything.


What does “Das Haus” reveal about your personal way of life?
I want a house where I can give into my moods – a place where it’s great to be alone and where it’s great to have 40 guests if you feel like it. A house that feels totally different during the day than it does at night. I can’t live in a static environment. I’ve lived in more than 30 houses in my life because I keep changing my mind and keep wanting to try something new. But most houses are surprisingly static: chairs and tables always have to be in the same place and it’s difficult to move them around. And 99 percent of design proposals for a home are pretty fixed in terms of where the product is meant to be positioned and how it’s supposed to be used. In “Das Haus”, I want to try and break all these fixed ideas up a bit. It shows that spaces and furniture can serve as a basis rather than performing fixed functions.

Is your “Haus” more like a museum or will visitors to the imm cologne 2014 be free to walk around it?
Everybody’s welcome to come in and flop down somewhere. I don’t like sterile spaces. If everything is too perfect, I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel at home. That’s why there will be places with flaws and imperfections in “Das Haus” – so that nobody is afraid to enter it and it becomes more personal.


What impressions will visitors take home with them?
What I like best about my “Haus” is the fact that there’s so much bed space. Wherever I live, I keep moving bed: I’ll sleep here, I’ll sleep there, I’ll sleep everywhere, even in the studio. I love waking up to a new surprise in the morning. “Das Haus” is an invitation to sleep wherever you like. Even though a lot of things are built-in and fixed, it’s precisely these radical decisions that are intended to encourage flexibility and prompt people to mix things up. Let’s open up the territory. There is not a bedroom, there is not a kitchen, there isn’t even an official bathroom, but there are lots of flexible spaces to experiment with so that you can broaden your horizons.

Further information about “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” you will find here.

Photos: Andreas Körner; koelnmesse

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