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Book preview: Robert Thiemann, David Keuning und Jeroen Junte: Think Dutch


Arguably the Dutch have always excelled at making a virtue of necessity. In that spirit they have accomplished many positive things – and they are still doing it, as Think Dutch, a new publication on architecture and design from the Netherlands, shows. If the title sounds like a call to follow their example, that’s entirely intentional. For the truth is that Dutch designers and architects look for creative and practical solutions to the economic, ecological and social challenges of the 21st century. And they find them.

This lavishly illustrated volume affords an overview of the most important projects and products developed in recent years. It opens up new perspectives and rubs out boundary lines – between architecture and design, or the limits imposed by chronological or alphabetical order.

What counts here is content, the thematic complexes. The 16 chapters bear titles such as „Build on water“, „Value your nutrition“, „Rationalise“ or „Use digital technology“. In total, 456 projects are showcased in more than 1,000 colour illustrations.

Bringing together in one volume truly significant projects, designers and architects – from Ron Arad and Marten Baas via Ted Noten to Marcel Wanders and Waterstudio.NL – is the achievement of Robert Thiemann, editor of the design and architecture magazines FRAME and MARK. Thiemann is joined here by expert authors David Keuning and Jeroen Junte. Together they know the field intimately, and have assembled an authoritative Who’s Who of the contem porary scene, the salient feature of which is its interdisciplinarity.

Dutch design is built on coope ration, it has ethical traits, it holds out no promise of immortality or absolute values, it makes a space available for self-profiling, and it uses materials experimentally, respecting local traditions, the land and the water.

The book “Think Dutch” will be presented at The Stage, hall 2.2, at Tuesday 12:30 p.m.

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