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Lecture at The Stage: „LOHAS Trend – Sustainability and the New Living”


“Organic food in the 80s, Organic clothing since the 90s, cool sustainability Design now – green is (not only) hip and everywhere!“ said Wibke Schaeffer, born in 73. She studied fine arts in Denmark, as well as architecture and interior design. Since 2002, Wibke lives and works in Cologne under her own label Lichte Art, specialized in organic color design and space psychology. Since 2011 she and her partner Moritz Zielke also leads the designstudio for sustainability, In her presentation, she will check this sustainability trend that is evident in all areas of this young and creative industry.

The lecture takes place on Wednesday, 15-1-2014, at 11:45 a.m., The Stage, Pure Village, hall 2.2.

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