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The Journey celebrates premiere at imm cologne 2014


With ‘The Journey – Part One’, an innovative new exhibition format celebrates its premiere at the imm cologne 2014. This exhibition aims at presenting objects as well as delivering insight into these objects’ creation process.

Objects have their own story to tell – long before they begin to function as items in everyday life. As the result of their maker’s ideas, experiments or strategies, they are not isolated products but encompass a series of complex processes.

By highlighting this journey, the presentation of an object’s outer appearance is expanded by simultaneously presenting a portrait of its creators, thus inviting the spectator to discover new interrelations.

At imm cologne, ‘The Journey – Part One’ will show the work of six creatives on 100 m2 exhibitors’ space at Pure One. These creatives are: Sarah Illenberger, Brose~Fogale, Wednesday Paper Work, Michel Giesbrecht, Milena Kling and Studio Hausen.

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