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Lecture at The Stage: Colour meets Material


Colour is material, and material is colour. Together they are two elementary design aspects that truly belong together. With the possibility to be combined in an endless number of variations they can create design gems as never seen before. During the lecture ‘Colour meets Material’ we will present successful colour and material combinations, and share our knowledge on why they work so well. Giving you tips on what to think of when selecting colour and material, as well as presenting the latest news within material and colour trends. And where they are heading.

Pure95_2015_Vortrag_Raumprobe_FotoHannes Bäuerle, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), was born in Stuttgart. Following his secondary education, he went on a world trip, completed a foundation course in mechanical engineering and then changed disciplines to study interior design in Trier and Stuttgart, completing a Dipl.-Ing. (FH), a graduate engineer (University of Applied Sciences) in Interior Design. He founded interior design office Linie Zweii in 2002 and then, in 2005, Raumprobe, an office specialising in materials consultation. Hannes Bäuerle holds teaching assignments at several universities, delivers lectures in a professional capacity and has authored numerous specialist books. He regularly contributes to industry trade magazines.

The lectures of Hannes Bäuerle will take place on: Monday, dem 19.1.2015, 1:00 pm as well as Wednesday and Thursday (21./22.1.2015) at 1:10 pm at The Stage, Pure Village, hall 2.2, booth H006.

All lectures will be translated simultaneously into English.

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