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Lecture at The Stage: Major trends and Living


Living and lifestyle affects everybody! That’s why it is both such an individual as well as a socio-cultural issue. At the same time, living is also evolution because functionality and aesthetics have always changed over time. But why is living today such an emotional matter for many people while for others it remains a simple need for secure housing? In her presentation, trend expert Ursula Geismann investigates to what extent global mega trends as well as economy and culture influence living and lifestyle. In the course of her talk, all these factors will be examined and evaluated and the presentation will be accompanied by plenty of colourful pictures and illustrative material.

Pure81_2015_Vortrag_Wohntrends_PortraitUrsula Geismann is an observer and analyst of design developments and trends in living and furniture. After studying Economics and Political Science at the universities of Mainz and Hamburg, she then worked in market and social research for several years. Geismann has worked for the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) for more than 17 years, where she now acts as the association’s spokesperson.

The lecture takes place on Wednesday, 21-1-2015 at 2:00 pm at The Stage, Pure Village, hall 2.2, booth H006.

All lectures will be translated simultaneously into English.

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