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Lecture in The Stage: Design in Scandinavia


The subject of Scandinavian design is wider than ever. Today there are several parallel currents flowing through the Nordic design landscape. Icons from the fifties and sixties are holding strong or resurfacing again after being asleep for years. At the same time a younger generation moves in with a strong urge to work in a more conceptual way, trying to find new channels to reach out with their work. Others at or trying to explore the Scandinavian heritage. Björn Dahlström talks about a few of these diverse and contemporary expressions on the Swedish design scene mixed with a presentation of some of his own work. His wide body of work spans from furniture design, via kitchen ware, to even toys and industrial design.

Pure110_2015_Vortrag_Schweden_PortraitBjörn Dahlström is one of the most renovened industrial designers in Sweden. His career started in the field of graphic design and during the years he shifted to more and more concentrate on furniture design and product design. His work always carries a strong sense of graphic values combined with a passion for technical solutions. He is based in Stockholm and has been involved in collaborations with a large number of Swedish and international clients. One of his more recent projects together with architect Anna von Schewen, is to update the String-shelf.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday, 21-1-2015 at 3:30 pm at The Stage, Pure Village, hall 2.2, booth H006.

All lectures will be translated simultaneously into English.

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