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Top event at the imm cologne 2015: Neri&Hu’s
“Das Haus” is under construction


With a number of days still to go until Christmas, Koelnmesse’s hall 2.2 was already a hotbed of activity. Now, Pure Village is nearing completion: the numerous cubes are ready for the many ambitious design brands that will be exhibiting here to move into. But above all, a host of helpers are constructing the architecture of “Das Haus”, the Pure design segment’s top event.

In 2015, “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” really will be a stage – a set-like structure of spacious interiors and “living cages” of various sizes that question our notion of home. The design by Chinese architect couple Neri&Hu – the first two-storey structure in the “Das Haus” series – promises to provide some innovative approaches to the conception of living space – not just at aesthetic level but in a philosophical sense as well. The dominant architectural element of the design is an accessible bridge that spans the 240-square-metres of space and permits an abundance of interesting insights into Neri&Hu’s visions of home.

Photo:; Koelnmesse

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