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Outdoor Sofa Walrus: Extremis turns Concept of Outdoor Seating inside out


Imagine sitting outdoors in a lazy big sofa, enjoying the good weather, funky drinks, a nice rest or a good conversation: who doesn’t love that? What a shame that we have drag around cushoins and pillows or that we have to hide our beatiful outdoor sofa away under a cover to protect it from the elements. Why not just sit back and relax?

That’s why Extremis turned the idea of outdoor seating completely inside out. They use a super robust cover material to make a sleek, weatherproof and always ‘nice to look at’ sofa. An ingenious storage pouch in the back of the Walrus hides a foldout blanket and a thick cushion.


This softness is provided in a matter of seconds: a warm, dry and comfortable place to sit is instantly available outdoors whenever the sun pops out. Yes, in all seasons.

Walrus is huge (well of course…), extremely wide and deep if you don’t use the back rest cushion. Solid arm rests offer extra seating, you can host lots friends or enjoy it in any position you like. Why not use it as a bed during a hot summer night?


According to the manufacturer are the parts, that are permanently exposed to the elements, made of an extremely durable tarpaulin material (used for trucks) that does not absorb any water or dirt. The sofa’s bulky form ensures that water drains away quickly. Thanks to this smooth, washable material, care and maintenance are kept to a minimum.

Walrus has been awarded with the Interior Innovation Award.

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