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Form by Normann Copenhagen: A Unified & Ambitious Chair


With “Form” Normann Copenhagen presents a reinterpreted range of chairs and tables that combine a strong design idiom with comfortable curves and an innovative industrial production technique. The name reflects the designer´s inspiration drawn from the design of chairs throughout history. With a soft silhouette that merges with a rigid Nordic wooden frame, Form is Normann Copenhagen’s idea of the perfect chair.

Simon Legald has been ambitious in his design of Form and in this has challenged the traditional type of construction seen in a chair: “To me, form is the essence of design. Form is what makes a product recognisable and sets the design apart from other products. Form is the first thing you see, you then experience the function. Form is also where a designer can put his personal stamp on a piece of furniture or a product.” The goal was to create a chair with a cohesive and unified look as well as a natural integration between seat and base. In order to achieve this, Normann Copenhagen has developed an innovative and sleek mounting solution consisting of four moulded plastic connectors, which fit to the seat of the shell. This almost makes it appear as though the legs are growing out of the seat.


”I had an idea of what the ideal chair should look like, and I have had this for many years,” Legald explains his approach. “I wanted to unite the frame and the seat in a way I had never seen before. I have analysed hundreds of chairs from different periods during the design process.” Therefore, since the initial idea, it has taken 3 years to develop the Form series. During the process angles have been corrected, curves have been adjusted, colours have been tweaked and more than 20 prototypes with various angles and material thicknesses have been tested in order to find the right solutions and achieve the best comfort possible. The result describes the manufacturer as an uncompromising design, which blends craftsmanship with design history.

The goal was also to create a flexible design that could be adapted to countless types of bases, including the ones that will emerge in the future. The easiest and most common way to achieve this is by making several holes underneath the shell to fit the different bases. Normann Copenhagen, on the other hand, has raised the bar and prioritised exclusive and well-executed details. The connection principle developed especially for the Form Chair makes it possible to mount different types of bases in the same holes.


Form is a contemporary shell chair made of moulded plastic. The chair comes with or without armrests and as a barstool in two different heights. The shells are all created of the highest quality polypropylene, and have been moulded using one single injection. That way you achieve an extremely strong construction with the finest and clearest surface possible. As an additional detail, the shells go through an extra finishing phase, removing every visible trace of where the plastic has been injected into the mould.

The classic, strong build base is available in lacquered steel or FSC certified American oak or walnut. Furniture craftsmen make the wooden bases. The bases are assembled and sanded by hand after they are cut. The steel legs are produced in thick and strong steel pipe. The base is welded together by hand, making the use of screws unnecessary and the construction more durable. The way the bases are made also makes the chairs very stable, thus improving the seating experience. All Form Chairs are fitted with strong plastic gliders which are well suited for most types of floors.


The Form shells are manufactured industrial. This is clearly evident in the fine, matte and homogenous surface with minimal shrinkage marks. The wooden legs add an artisanal exclusivity and warmth to the design, while the Form Chair with steel legs has a more minimalistic and slender tone on tone look.

The moulded shell is based on well thought out curves, which follow the body and ensure optimal sitting comfort. For example, the seat is wider so as to accommodate various body types. Another detail is varied thickness of the shell. A 4 millimetres thin edge at the top of the backrest provides flexibility, while the bottom of the backrest and the seat are thicker in order to increase stability and support. Finally, there is a small curve at the top of the backrest precisely where it feels most natural to grab the chair and pull it out from under the table.


Every detail has been carefully deliberated, also when it comes to the six colour choices. There is, for example, nothing random about the dusty blue with grey undertones or the light grey, with its gentle associations to minerals and cement. The green is a careful balance between forest and bottle green, while the deep red unites tones from the entire spectrum of summer berries. The black and white tones are chosen so they are clean and calm to look at. A great deal of effort has also gone into colouring the moulded connectors and the steel bases, in order to match the shells perfectly.

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