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Design, Ideas and Innovation from Poland at Pure Talents: Bright New. Polish Ideas Applied.

Customizable furniture platform Tylko © Tylco
Customizable furniture platform Tylko
© Tylco

Polish design comes back to imm cologne. This year,, the Polish Institute in Düsseldorf and Trade and Investment Promotion Section of Consulate General of the Republik of Poland in Cologne will not only present a typical design exhibition, but also Polish ideas as well as Polish design solutions.

The Bright New. Polish Ideas Applied exhibition, curated by Katarzyna Białousz and Anna Theiss, will not be a typical design exhibition: we will not see iconic chairs, lamps or any Polish design classics. Bright New will take an entirely different look at design – as a field that solves problems and satisfies actual needs. The curators have selected some of the most intriguing and innovative Polish projects, which rely on new technology. However, one should not expect typical gadgets, but rather “ideas put into practice” – solutions which simply make life easier for users.

The intelligent lamp Kandelka © Kandelka
The intelligent lamp Kandelka
© Kandelka

„With the Bright New exhibition, we want to show design as a way of thinking that can result in actual solutions, which can change lives, make every day activities easier, and broaden horizons,” the curators explain. „The thought behind the object is just as important as the object itself.”

The exhibition will feature object-solutions created by Polish designers and engineers, such as tylko. an app that allows users to design their own unique pieces of furniture out of special units or the intelligent lamp Kandelka, which adjusts the color of light to users’ needs.

Technology which connects your smartphone to your home © Oort
Technology which connects your smartphone to your home
© Oort

Brand New will also confront viewers with Polish technological thought – diagnoses, foresights and voices of Polish design theorists, sociologists, and philosophers. Design will present itself as a field in which thought and object, theory and practice always go hand in hand.

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