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Lecture at The Stage by Franz-Josef Schulte:
Exploring Myths – the Olive Tree is full of Secrets


The olive tree has been shrouded in myths and stories for centuries – beginning 6000 years BC on the island of Crete and later when Athens was founded in Greece. A tree whose fruit has brought mankind joie de vivre, health and wealth. A tree that can live for centuries, even though it grows on barren ground. In his lecture, the designer Franz-Josef Schulte will talk about the wood of the olive tree, its technical properties and the peculiarities when processing it.

The lecture will end with photos of the designer’s journey to Calabria. Where he discovered the largest olive trees in the Mediterranean region. In a dialogue with the natives, he was able to find out more about the processing, quality and olive oil.

imm73_2016_Vortrag_Schulte_PortFranz-Josef Schulte was born in Krefeld, Lower Rhine, in 1951. He completed his degree in Architecture as an Interior Designer at the Düsseldorf Technical College under the direction of Prof. Ellen Birkelbach. After working at Peter Maly in Hamburg as an interior architect and designer, he founded his own planning office and design studio in Krefeld in 1978. After completing design work among others for De Sede, Rosenthal, Schönbuch, Flötotto and Walter Knoll, he founded Schulte Design GmbH for the development and sales of his own furniture designs. Schulte is a member of the AKNW Düsseldorf (NRW Chamber of Architects).

Lecture: Exploring Myths – the Olive Tree is full of Secrets
Speaker: Franz-Josef Schulte, Schulte Design
Date: Monday, 18th January 2016 and Friday, 22nd January 2016
Time: 11:15 – 11:45 am respectively 10:30 – 11:00 am
Place: The Stage, hall 2.2, K008

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