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Lecture by Meinolf Heim at The Stage:
“Let’s be Smart” – When lighting goes online


The market is flooded with terms like “smart home”, “intelligent living” and “eHomes”. In the meantime we hear promising advertising slogans like “Your entire house in one app!” every day. But what does “everything” include? Here one quickly thinks of devices like washing machines or dishwashers, heating and blinds. Meinolf Heim concerns himself with intelligent lighting, its components and its functionality. Which lighting is “intelligent” and compatible with the home control system? How is it integrated into the home control system? What can intelligent ligthing even actually do? Meinolf Heim presents examples and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

imm60_2016_Vortrag_SH_Licht_PortMeinolf Heim, who comes from a furniture family, joined with the family tradition at an early age and was employed by a furniture manufacturer for 25 years following his carpentry training. 2007 resulted in a vocational reorientation – self-employment in the furniture lighting area. Thanks to his many years of experience and his related know-how in the subject, he is a valuable and helpful partner for his customers. His constant quest for innovation provides both himself and his customers great advantages on the market. In the context of the Smart Home project, he is cooperating with companies like Miele, BMW and Samsung.

Lecture: “Let’s be Smart” – When lighting goes online
Speaker: Meinolf Heim, hfh solutions
Date: Friday, 22th January 2016
Time: 3:00 – 3:30 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 2.2, K008

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