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The Stage: Roman Rochel presents a Study of Kitchen Trends 2016: a view into German Kitchens

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© Zeitraum

The kitchen is seen as the heart of every home. Where renovation and equipment are concerned, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. In his presentation, Roman Rochel exclusively presents the results of the first annual study on kitchen modernisation of the Internet platform The study encompasses questions following renovations completed in 2015, as well as budgets and projects for 2016.

imm67_2016_Vortrag_Rochel_PortRoman Rochel (33) has been active in the international startup and founder scene for more than five years. As the managing director for Houzz Germany, he is responsible for the development of Houzz in the German-speaking markets and heads the office in Berlin. Rochel studied business engineering, logistics and entrepreneurship, was a co-founder and CMO with 9flats and Head of International Operations for Groupon.


Lecture: Study of Kitchen Trends 2016: a view into German Kitchens
Speaker: Roman Rochel, Houzz
Date: Wednesday, 20th January 2016
Time: 16:30 – 17:00 am
Place: The Stage, hall 2.2, K008

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