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The World @ Home –
Spanish exhibitors at imm cologne 2016

Ulm collection, design: Ramón Esteve, Vondom
© Vondom

The Spanish word diseño means more than design – it also refers to the functionality and convenience that objects provide. Manufacturers and designers from Spain are uniting both in their projects. A look at the country of limitless creativity.

Spain has plenty to offer design lovers. Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of the country’s extremely dynamic creative scene, which has produced a host of internationally renowned manufacturers and designers. Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayon, Javier Mariscal and Ramón Esteve are just a few of the big names that are internationally successful. There is also considerable appreciation amongst the Spanish public for the “added value“ of design. Whether in home furnishings, architecture, fashion or cuisine – great importance is attributed to good style. Curiosity and openness to experimenting with design and new forms accompany the country’s strong attachment to its own traditions. This is evident not only from the large variety of high-quality design creations emerging from Spain, but also from the unconventional approaches by many Spanish designers who are breaking conventional aesthetic moulds.

Aura high sideboard, design: Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo, Treku
© Treku

In Spain, design plays an important role in creating an identity and an image for the country. Since at least the 1990s, a new, pioneering spirit has taken hold here amongst designers as well as manufacturers of everyday products. Although Spanish manufacturers and designers have not remained untouched by the effects of the latest economic crisis, an upward trend has been evident for some time. Spain continues to provide designers with many opportunities to realise their visions: various Spanish teaching institutes and universities for design are internationally renowned for their sound training of new talent. Numerous private and public initiatives are dedicated to promoting designers and their ideas. Prestigious prizes, such as the Premios Nacionales de Innovación y de Diseño, distinguish the best products each year; this contributes regularly to assuring high levels of quality.

Mosaico collection, design: Yonoh, Sancal
© Sancal

The orientation of Spanish companies towards design as an economic factor must also be viewed within this context. Many manufacturers in the contract sector rely on an ongoing collaboration with designers and on continuous processes for innovation. With this systematic approach, they have embedded design firmly within their business culture – and not only in terms of product development, but also in marketing and presentation to the public. In doing so, they have created their own environment that is attractive and influential at an international level. Spain has long been a design market with a global footprint: it has a high export share and its domestic manufacturers cooperate with designers from all over the world.

Mikado chair, design: Nadia Arratibel, Ondarreta
© Ondarreta

The global significance of Spanish design is evident, for example, from the many international projects that feature contributions from the country’s manufacturers and designers. Designs from the Iberian Peninsula can be found in hotels, restaurants and bars, offices and public buildings. The popularity of Spanish product and interior design is due above all to its diversity in form, colour and material and to its distinctive sense of style. The ease with which it unites tradition and modernity also contributes to the positive image of design “made in Spain”.

Núcleo table (design: Víctor Carrasco) and MAVA chair (design: Stephanie Jasny), Punt Mobles
© Punt

From 18 through 24 January 2016 at imm cologne, Spanish exhibitors will present a broad spectrum of the latest designs for the residential and contract sectors. Furniture inspired by Spanish decor, stylish luminaires and design for outdoor spaces will be on show for an international audience. Market-ready innovations and time-tested products demonstrate the country’s contemporary understanding of design and emphasise the international appeal of Spanish creativity.

Koku bookshelf (design: Hugo Tejada) and Celes table (design: Victor Carrasco), Systemtronic
© Systemtronic


Contract Design – Spanish exhibitors at imm cologne 2016:

Baladía & Valklein: Hall 10.1/Stand F038
Cármenes:Hall 3.2/Stand D039
Discalsa: Hall 10.1/Stand F030
Fama Sofas: Hall 6.1/Stand C080
Gandia Blasco: Hall 11.1/Stand E031 E033
Industrias San Isidro: Hall 5.2/Stand B028
Kettal: Hall 3.2/Stand F011
Loyra: Hall 10.1/Stand C031
Mobles 114: Hall 2.2/Stand J041
Ondarreta: Hall 3.2/Stand D034
Punt Mobles: Hall 2.2/Stand K015
Sancal: Hall 2.2/Stand H011
ST-Systemtronic: Hall 2.2/Stand M024
Treku:Hall 3.2/Stand D034
Vondom: Hall 11.2/Stand K051