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Skia by Ligne Roset: Playing with light


Designer, scenographer and lecturer (Camondo, Beaux-Arts), Vincent Tordjman devises his work in a global fashion, considering that each facet of his professional life is permeable to the others. The play of material and immaterial components against each other are all fields of research and innovation. In addition, light is the perfect playground for the material (the floor lamp) to interact with the material (its light). No question of Vincent Tordjman designing just another floor lamp or limiting himself to an exploration of shapes, whether attractive or new.

His intention to create quasi-cinematic lighting by reflecting light in two opposite directions onto each face of a reflective screen translates into an object, the minimalist treatment of which (two small projector tubes at the end of a spindly support) results in much more than just a floor lamp: it is a hybrid, surrealist creation, somewhat fantastic, which hints at the poetry of an Ingo Maurer rather than being just a simple piece of lighting. Two projector tubes with LEDs, the light from which reflects onto each face of a central reflective screen made from Epoxy white lacquered steel rendered iridescent by the addition to the lacquer of metallic particles.

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