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Interview with Pure Talents Contest Nominee Simon Diener: “I’m a strong believer in traditional crafts.”

Photo: Simon Diener
Photo: Simon Diener

The lamp “Pong” does have a cord, but nevertheless exhibits the characteristics of “cordlessness”. This is because the cord does not end in a plug, instead it leads to an elongated cylinder, which contains a battery. This also serves as a counterweight to the light fitting. The idea comes from the drawing board of Simon Diener, who studies product design at Karlsruhe University of Art and Design and is one of the finalists in the Pure Talents Contest. In out blog, the student from Offenburg talks about his work.

Why did you become a designer?
As a designer, you can develop ideas and put them into practice. I find this process very satisfying.

What was the most unusual place where you ever had a brilliant idea for a new design?
All of my ideas result from those past impressions and experiences that we collect over time. Many ideas are rejected, others are developed further. I don’t actually get “Eureka” moments.

Do you still need a pencil as a designer today?
Of course. A design begins with the idea and is then first recorded on paper. The computer usually comes in right at the end.

Do you have a role model?

Pong is a battery-operated ceiling lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Photo: Simon Diener
Pong is a battery-operated ceiling lamp for indoor and outdoor use.
Photo: Simon Diener

Does design make you happy?

What do you find satisfactory in design work?
In contrast to many other jobs, as a designer you still have the possibility of seeing the process through all the steps from beginning to end. At the end, you can hold something new, something of your own, in your hands. That really is a great feeling.

Is there a design world beyond serial production? And if so, how important is it for you?
There are lots of examples of designers who resist series production. Personally, I’m a strong believer in traditional crafts, so the idea of work outside series production is always on my mind.

What can`t you quit while you are working?
Prototypes – ideally, lots of them.

What kind of product needs to be invented urgently?
Well, I wonder if maybe I should keep those ideas to myself? At least for now…

What does the imm cologne trade show mean to you?
I am delighted to be one of the finalists and, of course, I’m looking forward to enjoying lots of new experiences at imm cologne.

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