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Pure Talents Contest Nominee Christoph Hauf: “I am interested in diving into different production methods”

Photo: Christoph Hauf
Photo: Christoph Hauf

Christoph Hauf, born in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1991, studied product design in his home town. With his corner looking glass, “Slanted Mirror”, he was nominated to take part in imm cologne 2017’s Pure Talents Contest. Thanks to its elongated trapezoidal form, the mirror can sit flush against walls and floor without the need for a frame. By reflecting the room on a diagonal, Slanted Mirror wants the space to be seen from a new perspective. Hauf describes his relationship with design in our interview.

Why did you become a designer?
If my work moves the viewer on an emotional level, generates a new image or a new idea in his mind, then I have shared something important. As a designer, I have the opportunity to do this.

What was the most unusual place where you ever had a brilliant idea for a new design?
The place is not always critical, but rather the mood I am in. Relaxation and stress in equal measure can be conducive to my work. The question is much rather, what kind of result you are looking or aiming for.

Do you still need a pencil as a designer today? Or do you work digitally?
A line in a CAD program is mercilessly precise, but it can speed up a few steps. A line drawn with a pencil, on the other hand, dances, allows errors, inaccuracies that lead to new ideas.

Do you have a role model?
I have many. I can find inspiration quickly. But they are rarely role models from my own field. Videos by Romain Gavras or works by Katharina Grosse spring to mind. Whether visual arts or film, both create worlds where I could lose myself.

Does design make you happy?
That’s a difficult question. Creating your own environment can make you happy. However, it should not be the only thing that moves me. That being said, yes, absolutely.

Slanted Mirror can sit flush against walls and floor without the need for a frame. Photo: Christoph Hauf
Slanted Mirror can sit flush against walls and floor without the need for a frame.
Photo: Christoph Hauf

What do you find satisfactory in design work?
The appeal of the design world conveys an image of absolute creativity. Design studios without direct links to industry often rely on sideline activities. In turn, it’s precisely these second jobs that have a lot to offer. Whether it be creative direction, designing stands for trade fairs, styling or photography – diversity keeps the job more than interesting.

Is there a design world beyond serial production? And if so, how important is it for you?
It seems that very few designers manage the balancing act between mass-produced items and gallery objects. This includes in-depth knowledge about appropriate manufacturing processes and a sensitive and, above all, confident approach to the presentation of your own work in public. What interests me is diving into different production methods, whilst still being able to see the whole picture.

What can`t you quit while you are working?
Peace and quiet. I often wear headphones, although I don’t listen to any music (and then sometimes I do listen to very loud music).

What kind of product needs to be invented urgently?
Invent something entirely new? I’ll need to think it over … Maybe a mirror for the corner?

What does the imm cologne trade show mean to you?
Sharing a hall with universities and colleagues, being able to present my product to the public there and perhaps witness one or two discussions. That sounds good, I’m excited!

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