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Pure Talents Contest Nominee Vera Aldejohann: “I am more strongly affected by conceptual work.”

Foto: Vera Aldejohann
Foto: Vera Aldejohann

After training as a goldsmith, Vera Aldejohann initially worked at jewellery manufacturers Schmuckwerk in Ratingen, in western Germany, before she studied art and design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. During her degree course, the designer from Wuppertal was already gaining experience through numerous exhibitions and events, both in Germany and abroad. With her wardrobe object, Aldejohann qualified for imm cologne 2017’s Pure Talents Contest. The object represents a set of weight-sensitive, oversized scales and is an analogue response to the increasing digitisation of the home.

Why did you become a designer?
I wanted to take the opportunity to have a varied career, in which my efforts would be visible and three-dimensional, and to which I could apply my powers of observation and so a career as a designer was an obvious choice. I find three aspects of the profession particularly exciting. As an artist and designer, you can devise products for everyday use. The day-to-day usefulness of such items gives you the feeling of doing something meaningful. But a designer can also be a kind of inventor, too. This aspect of the job has a bearing on our whole lives. As a designer, there is no clear distinction between work life and private life, because you make observations 24/7. You notice problems when using existing products or discover situations for which there is no suitable product yet. A product is not always necessarily developed directly as a result of these observations, because another great part of the job is developing concepts.

What was the most unusual place where you ever had a brilliant idea for a new design?
A ski lift.

Do you still need a pencil as a designer today? Or do you work digitally?
Unfortunately not.

Do you have a role model?

Does design make you happy?
It definitely makes me happy! Happy, satisfied and wanting more.

Wardrobe object in the shape of a set of oversized mechanical gold scales. Foto: Vera Aldejohann
Wardrobe object in the shape of a set of oversized mechanical gold scales.
Foto: Vera Aldejohann

What do you find unsatisfactory in design work?
Firstly, I find the imbalance between administrative effort and creative work unsatisfying. And, secondly, the difficulty in obtaining paid work.

Is there a design world beyond serial production? And if so, how important is it for you?
Yes, there is definitely a world of design beyond series production. I would say this was the focus of my degree in Applied Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. Generally, I am more strongly affected by conceptual work. I find it exciting when designers make use of artistic strategies to create design, and vice versa.

What can`t you quit while you are working?
I cannot do without building models and prototypes.

What kind of product needs to be invented urgently?
I think it is more important at the moment to optimise what already exists, rather than developing new inventions. Especially in the field of mobility.

What does the imm cologne trade show mean to you?
Appearing at imm cologne means a lot to me. I hope to be able to make new contacts there.

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