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Pure Talents Niominee Enzo Zak Lux:
“The best ideas come to me when I’m out jogging.”

Photo: Enzo Zak Lux
Photo: Enzo Zak Lux

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1992, Enzo Zak Lux studies design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. Whilst studying, he has worked at various studios, including Werner Aisslinger in Berlin and Philipp Mainzer / e15 in Frankfurt am Main. The designer is taking part in the Pure Talents Contest at imm cologne 2017 with a wall object that constantly reveals new compositions of colour and space.

Why did you become a designer?
I see myself more as a creator. I personally understand the concept as an opportunity to work in a manner that is more free and interdisciplinary. As a creator, it is possible for me both to design objects and to stimulate social discourse.

What was the most unusual place where you ever had a brilliant idea for a new design?
I can’t recall any really unusual places; the best ideas usually come to me when I’m out jogging.

Do you still need a pencil as a designer today?
Of course! For sketching, doodling and drawing.

Do you have a role model?
Needless to say, the work of many great designers makes an impression on me. I also think highly of designers who pursue their ideas passionately and vigorously. This goes for my friends and fellow students as well as for those who are already well known.

Does design make you happy?

The three identical wall objects appear strikingly different simply by being rotated by 90 degrees. Photo: Enzo Zak Lux
The three identical wall objects appear strikingly different simply by being rotated by 90 degrees.
Photo: Enzo Zak Lux

What do you find satisfactory in design work?
In the course of my work, I have the chance to create an environment for myself according to my own ideas. I see this as a very rewarding part of my job.

Is there a design world beyond serial production? And if so, how important is it for you?
There’s definitely a world of design beyond serial production. I think it’s particularly important since the products of this design world are free from the constraints of series production and, therefore, this opens up a debate about the term “design”.

What can`t you quit while you are working?
My mobile phone.

What kind of product needs to be invented urgently?
A box in which I can lock my phone and which only releases it several hours later, without me being able to tamper with it.

What does the imm cologne trade show mean to you?
I am very happy to be able to exhibit my work at imm cologne. I’m looking forward to the interaction with visitors and their reactions. I’m also curious about the other participants in the Pure Talents Contest and their objects.

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