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The Stage: Katrin de Louw explains which
trends will move the Interior Industry

© Trendfilter
© Trendfilter

The talk by trend expert Katrin de Louw filters current design, materials and social trends for the furnishings industry and provides an overview of the key drivers that are set to influence furniture design in coming years. Examining trends from the perspective of the furniture industries’ supplying sections and the materials industry, she presents a comprehensive cross section – from short-term design trends to the long-term, social and technical currents from which tomorrow’s furniture will emerge.

© Katrin de Louw
© Katrin de Louw
Katrin de Louw is the owner of Trendfilter and has worked for furniture suppliers in trend scouting, design, development and marketing since 1997. She is the initiator and manager of servicepoint A30 – The Material Trend Forum, held in the heart of the German furniture industry in East Westphalia. At the forum, she organises and moderates events and trend workshops for the furnishings industry. She writes for a number of trade journals and has regularly given talks to developers in the furniture industry since 2007. For the fourth time in 2017, Katrin de Louw will be responsible for curating the major special event on materials and surfaces at interzum, the Materials & Nature Piazza.

Lecture: Furniture design 2017 – 2019: Trends that will move the Interior Industry
Speaker: Katrin de Louw, Trendfilter
Date: Wednesday, 18th January 2016
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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