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The Stage: Martina Brüßel presents Smart Solutions for the Digital Bathroom

© Aqua Cultura
© Aqua Cultura

“Smart Being” is the current interior trend that links life balance and digitisation. Thanks to technical developments connected with the “smart home”, people’s own four walls are increasingly being integrated into their personal networks. The same goes for the private bathroom – because modern technology is meant to make everyday life more convenient here too. Subdivided according to the individual zones of the bathroom – like the shower, bathtub, washing area etc. – Martina Brüßel presents smart solutions, individual products, their networkability and the resulting added value.

She also provides information about the basic technology involved in networking a house and room. But for all these technical innovations, the focus is always on the person who uses the bathroom, his habits and rituals. “Technology can be said to be smart when it adapts to the user and simplifies everyday life,” says Martina Brüßel, who is Managing Director of Aqua Cultura.

© Martina Brüßel
© Martina Brüßel
Martina Brüßel has acted as Managing Director of Aqua Cultura, the seal of quality of leading bathroom suppliers, since its founding in 2005. The economics graduate sees herself as the link between high-quality craft enterprises and partnering industrial companies in the sanitary and bathroom industry. Due to her long years of experience with Aqua Cultura, Brüßel understands the different requirements that today’s customers have of modern bathrooms and knows about all the many trends in bathroom design.


Lecture: Smart Solutions – The Digitalisation of the Bathroom
Speaker: Martina Brüßel, Aqua Cultura
Date: Saturday, 21th January 2017
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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