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Trade fair premiere: Zuzunaga presents pixel furniture at imm cologne 2017

Foto: Zuzunaga
Foto: Zuzunaga

When he founded his design company in 2007, Cristian Zuzunaga’s aim was to create things that capture and reflect the dynamism of modern life. He is inspired by the modern architecture of major cities such as London, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai. At imm cologne 2017, he aims to show how the digital world can be drawn on to create space for vitality.

In addition, Zuzunaga plays with patterns. The repeats are cut in such a way that every sofa is unique. The design is based on a handmade prototype by Cristian Zuzunaga that is subsequently turned digitally into a master and, last, processed into a final design.

With his new collection, Zuzunaga concentrates on the pixel – the symbol of our digital times – and combines this emblem of modernity with analogue traditions. Because it is important to Zuzunaga that suppliers and manufacturers promote long-term sustainability and growth, both in their own companies and in their local communities. “We think that quality is more important than quantity, and we believe in sustainable and ethical work practices. We value handmade things more than mass-produced, trendy products”, explains Cristian Zuzunaga about his approach to design.

This is why Zuzunaga only uses organic and reusable materials and uses traditional methods to make his products. Sustainable production methods are as important in this approach as working in partnership with regional suppliers. All of the products are designed and produced in Europe, mainly in the Barcelona area.