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Blue is Germany’s favourite colour

Photo: e15, Kerman
Photo: e15, Kerman

The Germans love blue. With 19 per cent preferring this colour, it is ahead of green (14%) and red (13%) by a clear margin. The most popular colour spectrum overall runs from beige (10%) and yellow (7%) through to orange (6%). These are the findings of a representative nationwide survey of 1,000 Germans aged between 16 and 75, commissioned by the German Paint Institute in Frankfurt (DLI / Deutsches Lackinstitut).

However, looking at the results of comparable surveys from recent years, blue’s dominance as the nation’s favourite colour is in decline. In a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy (IfD) in 2014, 40 per cent of respondents named blue as their favourite colour, followed by red (19%) and green (18%). “Comparing these results clearly shows that an individual’s favourite colour is not necessarily a personal characteristic that remains constant over the years,” explained Michael Bross, Managing Director of the DLI. “It is perfectly possible for preferences for particular colours to change as a result of various cultural influences, such as fashion, music and film, as well as the individual’s personal development. After all, young people have very different colour preferences to older age groups.”

The results of the survey also reveal clear gender-specific colour preferences amongst women and men. Blue (23%) dominates amongst men, whilst women tend towards red (22%). The difference between the genders is the most pronounced for this colour, with only 4 per cent of men selecting red as their favourite. By contrast, 15 per cent of women named blue as their favourite colour. Overall, women prefer a colour spectrum grouped around red, yellow, beige and orange. Men, on the other hand, feel most at ease with blue, grey, black and brown.