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Pure Talents Contest Nominee Pieter Peulen:
“I should visit squad’s more often.”

Photo: Pieter Peulen
Photo: Pieter Peulen

Pieter Peulen, born in 1993, is an interior and furniture designer based in Belgium. A solution thinker that likes to keep it simple. The inspiration for Flexit had Pieter Peulen during his time in school while living in student accommodations. Because of the frame structure, Flexit can be a bed, a desk, or bunk bed. In the interview, Pieter Peulen talks about the how it came to this idea.

Why did you become a designer?
As a young guy I was always re-organizing my own small bedroom. I also made miniature versions of my own house and others with toy blocks. When around 16 years, I decided to start studying arts and interior design. During my studies I developed a interest for furniture design what kept growing!

What was the most unusual place where you ever had a brilliant idea for a new design?
At a squatted building I saw a scaffolding. That scaffolding gave me the idea to design Flexit, so maybe I should visit squad’s more often?

Do you still need a pencil as a designer today?
I’m a very digital person and most of the work I make is digital at first. But digital art will never outdo the look and feel of a drawing, painting…

Do you have a role model?
I do not have one in particular. But I’m always in love with what Japanese designers and architects bring. It’s so real and pure but also futuristic in a way.

Does design make you happy?
I love having design around me, from my clothes to my furniture, it makes me feel like I have my life together!

Flexit changes with the user and their needs, from bunk bed, to desk, to double bed. Photo: Pieter Peulen
Flexit changes with the user and their needs, from bunk bed, to desk, to double bed.
Photo: Pieter Peulen

What do you find satisfactory in design work?
I love when it all comes together, during the proces I sometimes get bored but when it’s finally there, it’s oh so satisfying!

Is there a design world beyond serial production? And if so, how important is it for you?
Although we are all humans, no one has the same life or needs. I don’t think that serial production is that bad for the design world but maybe they should play more with adjustable design for everyone so it doesn’t feel like boring mass production.

What can`t you quit while you are working?
Using my phone I guess. I share everything online but also that calculator and notes app are always open while working.

What kind of product needs to be invented urgently?
Design nowadays is quite serious, I feel like everyone is trying to reinvent hot water. I miss some humor in it. Some artist definitely involve humor in their work but when it comes to mass production, it’s serious business.

What does the imm cologne trade show mean to you?
As a young design, the most beautiful thing you can have are opportunities and recognition so I’m very happy I can display my work here for such a big audience.

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