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The Stage: Chris van Uffelen shows how valuable pallets can be for the interior design

Photo: Chris van Uffelen
Photo: Chris van Uffelen

Today in Tokyo, tomorrow in Cape Town, Barcelona or San Francisco: pallets are universal symbols of globalisation and internationality. Their design is simple, their materials robust and their use functional – properties that inspire architects and designers to cleverly transform, reuse and recycle this apparently unremarkable transportation platform to produce their own creations. With the help of numerous projects from all around the world, this lecture will show that there are no limits to the diversity of the creative interaction with pallets.

In an architectural context, they are restructured to striking effect in entire buildings, in art they are re-interpreted in surprising ways, and they are cleverly deconstructed for design and interior furnishings. As a result, the facades of urban cafés from Melbourne to Berlin are clad with entire stacks of pallets. Thus, they serve as the backdrop for meeting places for the trend-conscious. A complete amphitheatre has been created by cleverly arranging halved pallet units and, in Britain, individual planks have been used to produce designer pieces in the form of lamps and barstools, bringing London chic into your own four walls.

All of these projects have one thing in common: always surrounded by an uncomplicated contemporary aura, which is expressed through a stylishly unconventional aesthetic, pallet structures are becoming desirable and sustainable accessories of our times.

Photo: Chris van Uffelen
Photo: Chris van Uffelen
Chris van Uffelen is an art historian and author who focuses on the architecture of the middle ages, modern and contemporary building, as well as early modern and contemporary art. In addition to books on these subjects, he has written numerous articles on art history for various general and specialist encyclopaedias. Van Uffelen runs an independent editorial office in Stuttgart, Germany.


Lecture: Pallets 3.0 – Upcycling of a Globetrotter in Interior Design
Speaker: Chris von Uffelen
Date: Sunday, 22th January 2017
Time: 12:30 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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