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The Stage: Colour is fascinating – Christine Gottwald about phenomena, trends and tendencies

Photo: Akzo Nobel Deco
Photo: Akzo Nobel Deco

Each year the paint manufacturer Akzo Nobel invites international trend experts to filter the latest trends. Together with trend watchers and international experts in design, architecture and fashion, the team analyses and discusses current developments in art, technology, design and society. These analyses provide the basis for Colour Futures 2017. This talk presents the study on the latest trends and colour concepts, and shows that sometimes all it takes to make changes is a new coat of paint. It aims to inspire homeowners to get creative when designing their living spaces. Listeners will also pick up useful and entertaining facts on the colour schemes popular in previous decades and on the phenomenon of colour generally. They can take away a short trend brochure after the talk.

Photo: Christine Gottwald
Photo: Christine Gottwald
Christine Gottwald studied Industrial Design at Hannover University and later Colour Design at Hildesheim University, graduating with a Diploma in Design. She then worked for the agency Siemens Design+Messe before going freelance in 2000 as a designer at Sikkens Colour Design Studio, where she was responsible for designing painted architecture. Since 2004, Christine Gottwald has led the Colour Design Studio at Akzo Nobel, the parent company of the professional brands Sikkens and Herbol. In this role, she is also involved in the development of new collections and trend brochures such as Colour Futures.


Lecture: Colour Trends 2017
Speaker: Christine Gottwald, Akzo Nobel Deco
Date: Saturday, 21th January 2017
Time: 11:45 am
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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