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The Stage: colour psychology and practice – Axel Venn presents colour for body, mind and soul

Photo: Axel Venn
Photo: Axel Venn

After months of low temperatures, the dull monotony of winter, cloudy skies and long nights, we dream of bright light, heat and the arrival of spring. And we long for colours. The colour spectrum for body, mind and soul is based on a scientific research project that Professor Axel Venn will be presenting in his lecture. The results of this study help, in particular, to give vital insights into the quality of life and quality of living in one’s own home.

After all, the home is our number-one local recreational area. This is where our personal leisure programmes take place. And the best place to relax is in our own surroundings. The home is at the centre of our individual lives and must also give us the opportunity for a pleasant “dolce far niente”.

It is here that colours are reassuring companions and the friendly stimuli for our emotional balance. They help us to get over illnesses and low moods more effectively. The light and the colours of the rooms are amongst the visible, silent signs of a stress-relieving way of life.

Photo: Axel Venn
Photo: Axel Venn
As a colour expert, Axel Venn negotiates a path between the worlds of perception, effect and reality. His research into colour is focused on the decoding of messages. A large part of his work is dedicated to research-orientated, strategic trend scouting and the effects on society, economy and design. For decades, he has been guest speaker in Germany and all over the world. Axel Venn is the honorary chairperson of the Deutsches Farbenzentrum e.V. (German Centre for Colours). He has published 25 books on the topic of colour which have so far been translated into 12 languages.


Lecture: Colour for body, mind and soul
Speaker: Prof. Axel Venn
Date: Wednesday, 19th January 2017
Time: 10:45 am
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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