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The Stage: No more afraid of the first date.
Andrea H. Heppe gives interior tips for singles

Photo: Stilquelle
Photo: Stilquelle

You’ve always wanted to give yourself and your home a style check-up? Then we’ve got something for you: in her talk, designer Andrea H. Heppe will give you plenty of tips on how you can spice up the little touches in your home and how you and your interior design can win over your date with your style and charm, but without having to dress to the nines.

The talk aims to provide plenty of inspiration and confidence when it comes to interior style, decorating and well-being so that nothing can go wrong on your first date in your own home. Andrea H. Heppe will help you to find your own personal style and will pass on her tips and tricks on colours, lighting, fragrances, proportions, design, materials, accessories, decoration and planning.

How should a woman decorate the table for a romantic dinner? How can a man create a cosy sofa corner? Which accessories are a hit with the ladies, and which will impress the gentlemen? Which utensils would be better off tucked away in the drawer when a visitor is expected? By the end of the talk, listeners will know how to avoid all the pitfalls and how to present themselves and their home in the best light and impress the person they’ve fallen for.

Photo: Andrea H. Heppe
Photo: Andrea H. Heppe
The certified home stager and realtor (ivd) Andrea H. Heppe has specialised in home staging with her Stilquelle company, which was founded in 2009. Her customers included well-known project developers, banks, private providers, as well as realtors in Germany and abroad. In 2014, Stilquelle was awarded the “Ludwig” of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Bonn/Rhine-Sieg as the most innovative company in the region. Andrea H. Heppe is also active throughout Germany as a lecturer for home staging and visual marketing.


Lecture: “Make it beautiful for yourself”: more Living – more Style – more Inspiration for Singles
Speaker: Andrea H. Heppe, Stilquelle
Date: Saturday and Sunday, 21/22th January 2017
Time: Saturday, 3:30 pm and Sunday, 3:45 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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