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The Stage: Poonam Choudhry about smart and sustainable design in an intercultural context

Photo: poonamdesigners
Photo: poonamdesigners

Each design is in context. Every space has its poetry, every architecture is a mirror of its time. Our soul is more than ever required in these times. How do we design spaces of the future for our well-being? To what extent can they be sustainable and how much smartness do we need? In her presentation, she examines the wishes and needs of our changing society and shows sustainable and smart examples in an intercultural context. With her background as an Indian, who has completed her design studies in Germany, Poonam Choudhry from poonamdesigners studios deals with the rooms of the future and temporary rooms such as exhibitions.

Photo: Poonam Coudhry
Photo: Poonam Coudhry
Born in New Delhi, Poonam Choudhry graduated in Design from the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design and lives and works in Stuttgart and New Delhi. Her interdisciplinary design office, poonamdesigners, in partnership with Martin Bargiel, operates in the areas of product, interiordesign and exhibitions. Poonam Choudhry has been the Director for Intercultural Design at the DDC (German Designer Club) since 2015. He teaches at different universities and publishes related essays on rooms, architecture and design, among others in the magazines form and AIT.


Lecture: Design for Spaces – sustainable and smart
Speaker: Poonam Choudhry, poonamdesigners
Date: Tuesday, 18th January 2017
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1, D002

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