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Literature: Karl Hugo Schmölz – Architecture photography of the post war period

The Bastei in Cologne © Artbookers, Archiv Wim Cox, Köln
The Bastei in Cologne
© Artbookers, Archiv Wim Cox, Köln

He was one of the most significant architectural photographer in post-war Germany. No one was able to stage the architectural elegance of the 1950s, with its light-suffused foyers and boldly curved stairwells, as seductively as Karl Hugo Schmölz.

After World War II, Schmölz took aesthetically as well as historically impressive photographs of Cologne in ruins with his wooden plate camera. In the years that followed, Germany began to take on a new identity – also expressed through architecture – with Schmoelz supplying the visual aesthetics, with stairwells transformed into pillars of light, with views through the glass façades of the new commercial buildings, with simplicity, clarity and beautifully shaped details. Schmölz spared no effort when it came to staging a subject effectively.

© Artbookers, Archiv Wim Cox, Cologne
© Artbookers, Archiv Wim Cox, Cologne

This photo-e-book shows photographs beginning with the rubble landscapes of Cologne and continuing up to the years of the economic miracle in the Rhineland and makes it possible for us to deeply immerse ourselves once more in the everyday world of a past era.

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