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Häfele Connect: Control via app

© Häfele

Smart Home is always on the rise. Devices are networked and can be programmed, light and functions can be operated by remote control. Now, a system from the furniture supplier Häfele is to ensure that lighting and furniture are controlled by the app – across the manufacturer.

With its app Connect, Häfele wants to network furniture and rooms, link and control lighting and sound as well as electric drives in furniture. The basis for this are the driver of the Loox LED lighting system, as well as a new BLE box which, thanks to its Plug & Play system and a universal connectivity for furniture of all kinds, make future applications very easily connectable as well. The next step is to connect smart furniture and smart home. This extended application for all of building technology is already at an advanced prototype stage.

Open, illuminate, configure: the Connect BLE box uses the app to open the path into your furniture and also into comprehensive room management. Therefor the Connect BLE box is connected to the Loox driver and wirelessly connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. In this way, all electronic furniture components can be controlled via the app, including electric furniture drives.

© Häfele

Already possible today is to switching on and off lights as well as dimming them, and setting the colour temperature and light colour. In addition, various light scenes for different occasions can be pre-set via app. Operation of the sound components in the room is also part of the system. On furniture, the control of TV lifts, electric sliding doors or other electric drives can be managed by a simple tap.

With the app, additional BLE boxes within the room are found and integrated on smartphone and tablet. So smart furniture has already become a reality. The system is upgradeable for all existing Loox systems and will be available starting in July. But this is not the end of the connectivity possibilities. As a superior communicator, Häfele’s Connect Hub can communicate with the entire digital world. According to the manufacturer, it can communicate with nearly all protocols, wireless technologies and systems from the most diverse manufacturers via Bluetooth, WIFI, KNX and others. It communicates with practically anything that transmits – for example with air conditioners, blinds, TV devices and smart kitchen devices.

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