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In bed with Harald Glööckler

Crowning the sleep: the box spring beds from Femira by Harald Glööckler
Photo: Femira

He is one of the most flamboyant figures on the German designer and fashion scene. But Harald Glööckler creates more than just fashion under his label Pompöös. To crown it all, he wants to extend his realm to the interior landscape, whether it’s with wallpaper, lighting, home accessories or even a complete prefabricated house. Now the Prince of Pompöös is launching a box spring bed collection.

The beds are the result of a collaboration with Femira and the textiles company JAB Anstoetz. With his four design worlds – Animal, Glamour, Princess and, of course, Pompöös – the star couturier wants to transform the pitifully homely quiet room into a magnificent slumber chamber.

Unmistakeable the handwriting of Harald Glööckler: the model Pompöös
Photo: Femira

The absolute eye-catcher in the collection has to be Pompöös with its splendid headboard frame in dazzlingly reflective black and gold gloss paint. On request, the headboard can be adorned with a splendid crown featuring precious Swarovski crystals. Crafted with loving attention to detail, the valance is designed to turn the bed into the centrepiece of the bedroom. With this in mind, the designer has selected ten seductive fabrics from the San Marco and Grand Palais series.

A residence for restful nights: the model Princess
Photo: Femira

The Princess model is designed as a residence for a relaxing night’s sleep. To make the bed worthy of its name, an extravagant crown with exquisite Swarovski crystals is also available for the majestic headboard in black and gold. Its romantic air is underscored by an exclusive Velcro valance. Princes and princesses have a selection of fourteen fabrics from the Sainte Chapelle, Petit Palais and Chateauneuf series to choose from.

More than just a bed: the model Glamour
Photo: Femira

Glamour will send you off to sleep with enchanting elegance. The heavenly feast for the eyes sets out to prove that the bedroom, too, can play host to exclusive furnishings. The requisite splendour is provided by nine fabric variations in the Palais Royal and Louvre series.

Snake, wildcat or zebra? The model Animal
Photo: Femira

Things get wild with Animal, the final model in Harald Glööckler’s collection. The designer wanted to create an uninhibited yet sensual sleep experience. Safari hunters are not the only ones who can spend the night in elegant zebra stripes dreaming of adventures and wake up ready to face the new day. Animal is available in a choice of fifteen breathtaking fabrics.

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