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Not off the peg: custom-made sofas by
Sophisticated Living

Graphic: Sophisticated Living

In the living room the sofa is the eye-catcher and the place where we spend the most time. But often the design of this room is more individual than the products offered by upholstered furniture manufacturers. Niches, projecting walls or ledges, pitched roofs, ovens or doors can thwart plans to buy the sofa of your dreams. It’s a centimetre too wide here, or the backrests don’t fit there, or maybe the whole sofa is a bit too deep. That’s why we compromise on our couch purchases and buy an off-the-peg model – even though the trend for personalisation is making inroads into interior design in a growing number of areas.

Foto: Sophisticated Living, Gravity

This is a tradition that Sophisticated Living has set out to break. The Karlsruhe-based furniture manufacturer has turned the sofa into a one-off piece of furniture. Custom-made, not from modular components, but built to measure. Once the customer has found the right series from 25 sofa designs and 10 bed designs, work starts on the details: the total width can be adjusted down to the centimetre. Armrests and feet can also be produced to custom measurements. The option to change the length or width of the chaises longues is especially popular.

Foto: Sophisticated Living, Puamana

And finally it’s a question of choosing the cover fabric. Individualists have a choice of more than 200 fabric and leather options. And if that’s still not enough, customers can opt for their own fabric or leather. Now almost nothing stands between you and the sofa you’ve always wanted. And what’s more, delivery times are the same, says Sophisticated Living.

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