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Tiles in home-building:
functional, aesthetic and cost-efficient

Photo: 41zero42, Mate

The standards are high today when it comes to building new homes: in addition to being a profitable investment in the future, new buildings must remain aesthetically pleasing and functional for generations – cost-efficiency, accessibility and sustainability are the keywords here. In this ideal, stylish and functional design of the interior construction is possible with high-quality yet attractively priced construction materials.

Here tiles are an option with plenty of potential, and they have long since lost their rustic or cool associations. A diverse range of colours, shapes and surfaces, designed with long-term trends in mind, make contemporary tile series an alternative for construction projects in all price segments – from renovations to high-end new builds for owner-occupiers or investors. There are virtually no limits to the variety in tiles. They range from concrete- and cement-look tiles for spacious lofts, mosaic tiles with a historic feel or wood-look tiles, which are available in extra-large formats of up to 1.20 m x 1.20 m and bring warmth and tranquillity to a room with their deceptively real-looking surfaces.

For extravagant wall design, there are tiles with 3d effect or background lighting, as well as high gloss finish, brick effect or metal look. With their contrasts between light and dark, accent colours, the immense variety of laying patterns and formats, they are a simple means to lend the design of a space structure and visual coherence. Not only is stoneware easy to clean, it is highly prized for its excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it ideally suited to rooms with underfloor heating. In general, tiles ensure a healthy indoor environment as they are produced from natural materials.

Large formats, white-beige-grey colour schemes and delicately textured surfaces are currently very much on-trend and taking tiles out of the bathroom – which remains their classic location – and into all the other rooms of the home. Decorative tiles with floral or even severely graphic elements interpret classical styles in a modern way, thereby enabling original laying solutions that are reminiscent of rugs or paintings of past eras with their ornamentation.

But it is in heavily used areas in particular – corridors, the entrance or stairs – that tiles demonstrate their advantages to the full: they are hard-wearing and easy to clean, and their colours never fade. Wet or dirty shoes do not leave permanent marks, even on light tiles. They can also be easily replaced if the need arises. With coordinated colours or patterns, they can make a design statement right from the entrance.

Thanks to the growing trend for home living outside the four walls of the home, whether it’s on the balcony or the terrace, the outdoor areas are becoming an increasingly important (purchase) factor. Compared to natural stone, concrete or wood, coated porcelain stoneware tiles are weather-resistant and easy to care for. They open up diverse design possibilities as exterior tiles can be laid in a fixed mortar bed, loose on a gravel bed or on support pedestals. In this way, the terrace can continue the feel of the indoor living areas or have a look that is consciously distinct from them.