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Deluxe camping in harmony with nature

Glamping Resorts – Biosphäre Bliesgau, Rilchingen-Hanweiler Photo: Glamping GmbH

Glamping is a new trend that has set out to take camping to new heights with its equation “glamour” + “camping”. And it has nothing to do with sleeping in damp, uncomfortable places, wearing soggy clothes and getting wet feet. Glamping accommodation simply cannot be compared to conventional tents. Comfortable beds with sprung mattresses, proper furniture, stoves for welcoming warmth – the interior can even include a bathroom complete with bathtub. The trend originates in Africa and Thailand and has been growing rapidly for some years now. It aims to combine a luxurious ambiance with nature.

“It’s almost as if you step out of your hotel room straight into nature,” promises the glamping resort in the midst of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve in the Saarland. Guests will be able to soak up the back-to-nature atmosphere of well-being when the Saarland Thermen Ressort thermal spa opens for overnight stays from spring 2018. Its 32 accommodation units will make it one of the largest glamping sites in Germany. But you won’t find tents there. Visitors will stay in small wooden huts that combine the holiday feel of a campsite with the comfort of a hotel room.

Glamping Resorts – Biosphäre Bliesgau, Rilchingen-Hanweiler Photo: Glamping GmbH

These little wooden “pods”, known as Armadillas, are made by the Scottish family-run company Armadilla Ltd., based near Edinburgh. They are equipped with all the features you’d expect in a modern hotel room: underfloor heating, sound insulation and double-glazed panoramic windows create a snug atmosphere and make camping possible all year round. The organic architecture, designed to save energy on lighting, heating and cooling, enables efficient use of the space and is devised to blend into the natural environment. The construction materials are FSC and PEFC certified and 100% recyclable. The deluxe camper come in different versions with a large selection of colours and an extensive range of furnishing options. Depending on the model, the glamping pods can sleep up to eight in the comfort of a boutique hotel room – even with integrated bathrooms.

Armadilla as an office Photo: Armadilla Ltd.

But Armadillas don’t just make perfect mobile accommodation units. The large panoramic windows fill the space with daylight, and the controllable ventilation means there’s plenty of fresh air, while sound insulation provides protection from distracting outside noises. The perfect characteristics in short for a productive and pleasant work atmosphere, making the pods ideal for use as (mobile) offices as well. They can also act as a classroom for up to 12 children and can be used as mobile units for nursery and early years education, pastoral care or language support groups.

The Armadillas’ design brings to mind the animal from which they take their name. Weighing around 3.5 tonnes, they only require four concrete building blocks or screw pile foundations.