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OMLED Round: when the square becomes a circle

© OMLED, David Mertl

OLEDs are a relatively recently developed illuminant. The technology is predominantly used in TVs, smartphones and tablets. But OMLED luminaires also employ OLEDs. Their new lamps go by the name of OMLED Round and transform glare-free light from the light-emitting diodes – which are in fact square – to give the light source a circular appearance.

“OLED lighting meets the highest requirements for lighting for living spaces and work. This special illuminant’s clarity and the technological fascination it exerts are reflected in the design of our luminaires. In the OMLED Round, we combine the clear precision of OLED technology with the smooth appearance of the round satinato glass. Or to express it in terms of form: we put the square inside the circle,” says Thomas Emde, Managing Director of emdedesign.

The Frankfurt-based company has manufactured luminaires in series production under the OMLED brand since 2016 – with a very special illuminant: the so-called panels are just 1.5 millimetres thick, and according to the manufacturer, they currently have the highest luminance for OLEDs on the market (8,300 candela per square metre). They produce a natural, multilayered light with excellent colour rendering quality. OLED light is glare-free and appears like natural daylight.

© OMLED, David Mertl

The fronts of both the OMLED Round luminaires and the rectangular luminaires of their sister series, OMLED One, are made of satinised white glass, which serves as a light carrier. The white or black printed glass on the rear acts as both the PCB and control panel.

The conducting paths, electronic elements and contacts for the flat OLED panel are integrated directly into the inner side of the rear glass, which considerably reduces the luminaire’s panel thickness. The OMLED luminaires’ housing is just eight millimetres thick as a result, and the technology also makes conventional plastic circuit boards redundant.

Each luminaire module is individually dimmable and can be rotated around its stand. By gently touching the touch dimmer integrated in the surface of the cover glass, the light from the OMLED luminaire series can be continuously dimmed or switched on or off. All the luminaires’ elements, the OLED illuminants and the glass-printed electronics are made in Germany.