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The Stage on Thursday:
Insights in the fringe areas of interior design

Photo: Lutz Sternstein, Koelnmesse

The trends forum at the largest interiors show of the year cannot fail to shine a light on the fringe areas of interior design. Robert Müller-Grünow (Scentcommunication) will be explaining the important role fragrances can play in interior design. Virtual worlds are also playing an increasingly important role in the furnishings sector. Picking up on this field in the lecture programme, Mara Michel (.futurize dietrendagentur) will be offering an insight into “analogue virtuality”, while Michael Gairing (Blanx) will address the issue of augmented reality. And Barbara Busse (Future+You) will give an insight in the ideas about design and marketing of the Generation Z.

Interior Design Trends: The Keywords of the imm cologne 2018

The kick-off to each day, presented by Frank A. Reinhardt, is a fixed item on the programme. Each morning, he will offer the audience a professional overview of the trends and buzzwords at imm cologne 2018.
Frank A. Reinhardt is an industrial designer with a background in Business Administration. After working in product management for some years, Reinhardt simply wanted to publish an original observation. All at once, he found himself recruited in a freelance capacity and eventually as a freelance editor for such publications as SBZ and design report. After a spell at one of a corporate design agencies, he went into business for himself in 1999, focusing on projects ranging from trend and market studies and the conception and editing of special publications.

Lecture: Interior Design Trends: The Keywords of the imm cologne 2018
Speaker: Frank A. Reinhardt,
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 10:00 am
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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Michael Gairing presents VR concepts for the interior sector

Michael Gairing explains why virtual reality is in a position to turn the economy on its head using application areas beyond the hype and wow of these technologies as examples. He also provides a look at the works and the retail of tomorrow. In addition to insight into the fundamentals of VR / XR, VR is presented as part of the digital transformation. Gairing also informs about virtual spaces, retail concepts and new business models, and presents VR tools, such as photography and staging in VR.
Born in 1977 in Stuttgart, Michael Gairing completed a course of vocational training as management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade at Raab Karcher Stuttgart (Veba company group). He was subsequently head of EDP for the Tiles specialist department for Raab Karcher Stuttgart before founding Gamal IT Services, with a focus on network solutions. In 1999, he was the cofounder of the media production company BLANX effects | interactive GmbH, and has since been a managing associate.


Lecture: VR beyond the Wow: How Computer Game Technology Expedits Digital Transformation
Speaker: Michael Gairing, BLANX
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 11:30 am
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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Book-Lounge: Common Things, Trademark Publishing

Among the countless objects that are available worldwide, there is a series of objects that everyone knows. Thomas Schnur calls them “common things”: objects that everyone, irrespective of cultural background, nationality or status, has seen or used at least once somewhere. He reports in a chronological sequence extending from childhood to the present about his experiences, insights and thoughts regarding a selection of 21 “common things”.
Thomas Schnur (*1983) studied product design at the Fachhochschule Aachen following training as a carpenter. During his studies, he worked for Mathieu Lehanneur in Paris, among others, and studied at the École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint Étienne. His works have already been presented at many national and international design platforms, such as, for example, imm cologne. In 2014, Thomas was nominated both for the German Design Award and for the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. He also received a special mention from the jury of the Design Report Award.

Book-Lounge: Common Things, Trademark Publishing
Speaker: Thomas Schnur
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 12:15 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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Daniel Rybakken about the difference between light and daylight

Daniel Rybakken will be talking about his work with light and daylight and the different underlying themes and topics that he has been working with during the last 10 years, from conceptual, self initiated projects to more commercial, industrialised projects.
Daniel Rybakken (*1984) studied design at the Oslo School of Architecture and the School of Arts & Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. On graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in 2008 he started his own practise with base in Gothenburg. The work of Daniel Rybakken occupies the area between art and design, forming limited editions, art installations and prototypes for serial production. His main focus has been to work with daylight and how to artificially recreate its subconscious effect. Rybakken has received numerous awards.

Lecture: Daylight and Objects
Speaker: Daniel Rybakken
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 1:00 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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Barbara Busse about the Generation Z – and what the young milennials expect from design and merketing

Generation Z – those are the kids and young adults that are mobile in the Internet as “digital natives” nine hours a day. They are creative, see themselves as entrepreneurs and will really turn up the heat for us in only a few years with their own business models and clear ideas about design and marketing. In a preview, Barbara Busse points out what manufacturers and brands will have to grow accustomed to if they want to be successful in the digital future of Generation Z.
Barbara Busse is an expert for trend research and product design. She works according to the principles of design thinking. Following her design studies at the Cologne International School of Design, she worked in international agencies and corporations around the world. With many years of experience in the international corporate and agency environment, Barbara Busse has designed many prize-winning and commercially successful products. Since 2016, she and her design agency Future+You have been providing services to big brands, and she presents a clear picture of the customer needs, designs and expansion markets of the future.

Lecture: The Future Design Consumer 2022 – What Generation Z and Young Millenials Expect from Future Interieurs
Speaker: Barbara Busse, Future+You
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener about Millennial Pink, combination options and alternatives

From its original status of a naive Girlie Colour, Pink has grown up during the last two years and is emancipated now. It has even become one of the dominant colour trends worldwide. As Millennial or Tumblr Pink the powdery nuance seems to be describing not only the feel of Generation Z, but also the preferences of many other customer groups. It can be applied in many different contexts, for fashion and life style products, in interior design and architecture.

The lecture will reflect how the trend emerged and how different shades between Pink and nude can be combined with other colours so that they are suitable not only for the female part of society. Examples for very creative interiors within this topic can be seen from the life style brand Pode, subsidiary of Leolux from the Netherlands. But as with every trend, at the same time a countertrend can be observed, offering alternatives. And maybe the most interesting question: How long will Millennial Pink stay around and what will follow?

Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener is known as color expert and designer for a wide range of industries. She also works as lecturer in design, marketing and architecture for many years. The customers of Dr. Kalthegener come from trade and manufacturing in various sectors of the furniture, paint, kitchen and flooring industry; further customers are universities, architecture offices, and also NCS. In addition to her design and teaching assignments in Europe, the designer has been booked for extensive projects and workshops in the Far East since 2014.

Lecture: Trend and AntiTrend in Interior Colour Design
Speaker: Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 2:45 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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Mara Michel about the impact of anaglogue virtuality on lifestyle and products

We live in the present and future simultaneously, in an analogue and digital world known as 4.0. This is rapidly evolving into a virtual world 5.0, in which it is difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual. This is leading to a new identity and individuality that is characterised by a longing for real life.

As a result, four perspectives are emerging that are affecting our lifestyles and the products with which we want to surround ourselves.
The search for peace: because we can be contacted around the clock and we are unsettled by the speed of digital developments and changes.
The search for value: the development of artificial intelligence cannot be halted. What is crucial is that it will be used not against, but for people as a top priority.
The search for origins means that our focus on our regional traditions and values is increasing in line with the speed at which we are confronted with a virtual world and the use of robots.
The search for support: we want to feel the ground beneath our feet again and feel safe. Multiculturalism means we are developing common patterns of social behaviour that are applicable to all.
Through her company, “.futurize dietrendagentur”, Mara Michel provides consultancy to international customers from the worlds of trade and industry in the areas of interior design, textiles, fashion, accessories and cosmetics. She analyses and optimises collections and develops concepts for individual target groups. She provides end-to-end support for these concepts from the idea stage to the catalogue or point of sale through customer, trend and lifestyle analyses as well as the presentation of collections at trade fairs or in the market. Her comprehensive consultancy concept is rounded off with training provision for sales staff, seminars and lectures.

Lecture: Analogue virtuality: Perspectives to Zeitgeist, Lifestyle Trends of Architecture, Space, Home, Interior and Human
Speaker: Mara Michel, .futurize dietrendagentur
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1


Further lectures:
Lecture: New Study: Buying Furniture via the Internet – How the Germans Shop Online
Speakers: André Müller, Joachim Bacher, OTTO / Kantar TNS
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 10:15 am
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

Lecture: The Importance of Scent in Interior Sesign
Speaker: Robert Müller-Grünow, SCENTCOMMUNICATION
Date: Thursday, 18th January 2018
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: The Stage, hall 3.1

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