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Textile columns with holograms, pavilions made of table frames and a road show

Illustration: Stylepark

On the occasion of the imm cologne, a special exhibition on the subject of interior design will again be held this year at the Museum of Applied Art Cologne (MAKK). This time, it will be the lavishly designed staging “Stylepark Selected imm cologne 2018”. After months of intensive planning, an exhibition has been created that probably never existed in this form before.

Munich designer duo Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann have developed the scenography for the event, and it was not exactly an easy job. After all, the expansive, double-storey central hall of the museum building, has to fulfill several tasks at once: First, Stylepark is exhibiting its own selection of 20 novelties from imm cologne 2018. And second, some of the “special guests”, namely Griffwerk, Jung, Richard Lampert, Laufen, Tsatsas and Vitra are showcasing their own presentations. In addition, the space will also function as a “living room for imm cologne” in downtown Cologne – providing a pleasant place for relaxing get-togethers for members of the design scene.

Illustration: Stylepark

RelvãoKellermann have accomplished their task with true verve. They have structured the hall using large expanses of textiles by Nya Nordiska and simultaneously created a calm, cozy setting encouraging visitors to linger. Doubtless the most striking design element is the two enormous textile columns the designers have created from swathes of fabric suspended from the ceiling. Each of these columns forms a circular space inside which the “Stylepark Selected” items are presented.

From the beginning it was clear the selected projects should not simply be displayed on pedestals, especially as all the items can be seen in the imm halls. So Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann came up with the idea of visualizing all the chosen objects using 3D hologram technology. Visitors can marvel at the spectacular result inside the two columns.

Illustration: Stylepark

At the entrance to the hall Richard Lampert has erected a small pavilion using the famous table frame by Egon Eiermann: there, the films can be viewed. The new Vitra roadshow called “The Original” will also be on display. Specifically, Vitra had developed an installation related to several of its major classics that reveals something about the design and history of the respective exhibits in a totally different manner. In its installation Griffwerk responds to the stairway to the top floor that while monumental has a clear, graphic appearance: looking a little like a constructivist painting it is composed of individual components from the manufacturer’s products.

Jung, Laufen and Tsatsas have their exhibition areas on the gallery on the top floor. Both Jung and Laufen explore the special nature and essence of their products. Together with students of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences Jung developed a multi-sensory installation, which invites visitors to playfully explore what is required for electrical switching processes and what consequences they have. With a collection of sculptures by reputable architects and designers Laufen not only celebrates its 125th anniversary, but also the almost unlimited malleability of ceramic material. Production methods range from hand-made to 3D-printing. In its minimalist presentation Tsatsas not only showcases the product history behind the Frankfurt bag label, but also for the first time shows a new model inspired by a design of architect Ferdinand Kramer from 1963.