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Wallpaper trends for 2018:
Fresh designs for decorating the walls

Photo: Rasch, Etro

Even if woodchip is still the most frequently used type of wallpaper, growing numbers of people have a new look and a change of scene in mind when they redecorate. And with an abundance of alternatives to choose from, why not give at least one wall a completely new covering?

For 2018, the German Wallpaper Institute has identified four trends: the in-demand loft look, fresh, powerful colours, special effects, and floral patterns – the perennial hit par excellence among the trends. The different themes open up a multitude of individual design possibilities for every room. Fleece wallpapers are easy to hang and remove, making them especially well suited for a quick change of wall design.

Urban Chic

Photo: Erismann, Imitations

Urban Chic is set to be a major trend for 2018. An on-trend loft atmosphere is easily achieved with photorealistic designs. Rustic-brick, raw-concrete or rust-effect wallpapers give a room a cool, design-oriented ambiance. For the finishing touch, this look is paired with furniture and home accessories in wood, metal or leather to create the in-vogue industry style.

Fresh Mix

Photo: Rasch, Home Passion

It’s hard to avoid exotic colours, bold motifs and striking patterns in the current trends. Pineapples, flamingos and their tropical fellows have been a hugely popular fashion and interior design trend since 2017. Now exotic motifs on wallpaper create a mid-summer feel-good mood that lasts all year round. Combined with unicolour wallpapers in sunny yellow, aqua mint or pastel shades, they can transform any room into a world of its own – instant energy boost fully included.

Special Effects

Photo: P+S International, Idea of Art

Individual style is the big trend in interior design – the more daring, the better. And this is reflected in the latest wallpaper collections with their huge spectrum of extravagant ideas. Among the highlights are reflective metallic-effect wallpapers – an artistic way to draw attention to the walls. Other must-haves include wallpapers with geometric patterns and 3D effects: they create a stunning look even in small spaces.

Floral Harmony

Photo: Erismann, My Garden

Floral wallpapers are the perennial hit for wall decoration and not for no reason. The lively designs bring spring into the home and chase away the winter blues. Very popular at the moment are wallpapers with expressive blossom and leaf motifs in delicate creams all the way through to vibrant colourways with cherry red, lilac and sunny orange.

Ultra Violet

Photo: Marburger Tapetenfabrik, Globalove

If there’s one colour in interior design that calls for a little courage, then it’s purple or Ultra Violet, as Pantone has named its colour of the year for 2018. According to the colour experts, Ultra Violet recalls the endless expanse of the night sky and elicits a range of emotions that we feel when we admire it, from yearning to curiosity. Purple also features in the new collections by German wallpaper manufacturers.

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