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Furnishing your home by app

Photo: Home Design 3D

Living without a smartphone or tablet? Unthinkable for many. After all, these talented little devices have long since become constant companions. Even for furnishing one’s home. However, they are not only a source of inspiration via blogs, chats or Instagram & Co. Many apps are also really helpful when it comes to furnishing your own home for the first time or when you want a makeover. We present some of the most helpful apps.

How will we buy in the future? Will we still be spending our Saturdays driving from one furniture store to another, armed with folding rule and notebook, to sit on 20 different sofas and measure 15 wardrobes? Certainly not. Every aspect of purchasing behaviour is changing and furniture buying will be no exception. Our mobile devices will be an important factor in our search for furniture. The point of sale is no longer just a showroom or furniture store, but the customer him- or herself. We sit together and share our thoughts on how we can revitalise our home decor and simply try things out. By using an app, you can do it easily and anywhere.

Augmented reality is a buzzword here and is intended to make interior design easier for consumers – changing their shopping behaviour in the long term. We are able to refurnish our homes simply and virtually by photographing the rooms and then selecting the appropriate interior design on an app.

Photo: Homestyler Interior Design

Does the sofa go better under the window or next to the shelf? How would a free-standing tub look in the bathroom? And would a lilac wall work in the bedroom? With the Homestyler Interior Design app, you can add accessories and furniture to photos of your own rooms. The app turns a snap of an empty space into a three-dimensional projection screen in which the user can position, rotate and adjust the size of furniture and accessories chosen from a large selection. The walls can be painted, wallpapered and hung with pictures, the floors decorated with rugs and the ceilings hung with chandeliers. Moving, scaling up or down, rotating – even with real branded furniture and accessories: it can all be done using just two fingers. To really bring the look to life, you can even select people from the furnishings library.

Photo: Roomle

Sketch or scan? With Roomle, probably the best-known furnishings app, you can either draw floor plans of your own home with your fingertips or let the app visualise the space using a scan made via your smartphone. To fit out the rooms, you then have a choice of over 2,500 pieces of furniture, which can be positioned in the room as the fancy takes you. Harnessing the best of AR, you can walk through the room in real time and look at the furnishings from every angle. The catalogue of available furniture is constantly being updated. Using an innovative selection and ordering function, the desired furniture can be purchased online at the touch of a button. It’s also easy to share and discuss the finished designs with friends.

Photo: Home Design 3D

In the same way, Home Design 3D can be used to furnish a house with multiple floors. Once you have laid out the floor plan, true to scale and complete with walls, windows, doors and stairs, the Gold version allows you to choose from a collection of over 1,000 pieces of furniture and accessories. Thanks to the built-in iDevice camera, you can even incorporate your own colours and textures into the floor coverings, wall colours and furnishings. A dynamic day/night cycle and the ability to wander through the rooms in 3D mode give a realistic impression. A compass function shows how the light falls at different times of the day.

Photo: IKEA

As the newest member of the interiors apps family, IKEA wants to make waves with its Place app. Built around Apple’s ARKit, and also available in an Android version, it will be possible to position all of the furniture store’s products in the virtual representations of your own home in three dimensions and true to scale. This will give users a realistic impression of how the product will look inside their own four walls. The VR experiences can be posted on social media platforms at the touch of a button, turning interior design into a shared experience.

Name: Homestyler Interior Design
Operating system: Android, Apple
Provider: Easyhome Shejijia Furnishing Chain Store Group
Price: free

Name: Roomle
Operating system: Apple, Android
Provider: Roomle GmbH
Price: free (various subscriptions also available)

Name: Home Design 3D Freemium / Gold
Operating system: Android (Freemium version only), Apple
Provider: Anuman
Price: free/from EUR 6.99

Name: IKEA Place App
Operating system: Apple, Android
Provider: IKEA
Price: free