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Innovative lighting solutions
(not just) for interior design

Photo: Artemide, Alphabet of Light

What does the future hold for LEDs? Are OLEDs already obsolete? And will new laser lighting technology be adopted? The lighting segment is always evolving, with innovations regularly being unveiled. And developments in the smart homes segment are certainly also making a contribution. But efficient use of light, intelligent controls and furniture combined with lighting are also causing a stir in the market. Glare-free, indirect or circadian lighting technology are all playing an increasingly important role. Here in the imm cologne news blog, we present some of the latest lighting innovations.

Trilux – Bicult

Photo: Trilux, Bicult

Illuminates above and below: The world of work is changing. Rigid structures are being broken apart, with tasks becoming more complex and the well-being of employees more important – working from home is now also increasingly an option. This calls not only for flexible and comfortable office furnishing, but also for modern lighting concepts that combine excellent light quality with flexibility and individual settings.
The new Trilux Bicult LED is gearing itself up to revolutionise office lighting. It is the first table lamp to combine direct and indirect light output. While the glare-free, indirect light is angled upwards to brighten the whole office, the direct portion sends precise light down onto the desk. Users can set customised lighting preferences on the lamp itself or via an app. The luminaire thus provides lighting that conforms to standards together with a degree of flexibility that has not been seen before.

Design: Licht Kunst Licht AG
Manufacturer: TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG

Volatiles Lighting – Digital Glass Mosaic

Photo: Volatiles Lighting, Digital Glass Mosaic

A mosaic made from light: Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, the living room or bedroom – the modular surface lighting system from Berlin-based Volatiles Lighting GmbH conjures up fascinating lighting compositions on walls, providing a space for inspiration or a relaxing atmosphere. Each glass mosaic is lit from behind with state-of-the-art LEDs and can be operated via an app, touch-screen sensors or even via voice-activated smart home systems.

The lighting modules can display any colour imaginable, and no two mosaic tiles need be alike. This way, different compositions can be created again and again. Each mosaic tile is also touch-sensitive. Brushing your fingers gently across the wall causes the colour of the light to change, thus making it possible to draw whatever patterns you wish on the wall. Harmonious colour schemes combined with movement create truly memorable moments.

Manufakturer: Volaitles Lighting

Ingo Maurer – Blow me up

Photo: Ingo Maurer, Blow Me Up

Inflatable lighting: You can lean it against a wall, suspend it from the ceiling, put it on a shelf or lay it on the floor. And you can inflate it. The luminous rod by Ingo Maurer is called “Blow Me Up”. A sensor integrated on one side of the LED strip serves as a switch. The strip illuminates the reflective side of the tube, diffusing indirect light into the room. Blow Me Up can also be connected to a camper van’s 12-volt power supply using an appropriate adapter. The light tube is delivered rolled up inside a can. “Blow Me Up” is flexible and can be used almost anywhere. However, Star Wars fans should note that it is not necessarily suitable for use as a lightsabre.

Design: Theo Möller, Ingo Maurer & Team
Manufakturer: Ingo Maurer

Nyta – Pong

Photo: Nyta, Pong

It’s a wrap: Pong is a portable, battery-powered, pendant luminaire. Using the cable that connects the lampshade to the battery pack, the light can be hung from or coiled around trees, beams, railings, furniture, windows or doors. This allows Pong to provide light in all kinds of places. And it’s sustainable, in the best sense of the word: its battery and illuminant can both be replaced. In 2017, designer Simon Diener’s prototype was one of the winners of the Pure Talents Contest. Now the lamp is going into series production for Nyta.

Design: Simon Diener
Hersteller: Nyta

Vibia – Guise

Photo: Vibia, Guise

Pure light: Guise is a fusion of LED technology and physical matter, with the light appearing to emanate from the glass body itself while the real light source remains almost invisible. The lamp itself fades into the background when turned off and virtually disappears. This is possible thanks to the high transparency of the device’s borosilicate glass, which exhibits no green tint. When switched on, however, Guise gives off glare-free light, which is particularly striking in the ring of light produced by the wall version.
The design makes use of the principle of total reflection in which the light is fed into the glass body in such a way that it is reflected inside the body and can only leave it through an open edge (as in the wall lamp) or a ground surface (pendant luminaire). The result is pure light without visible illuminants or reflectors.

Design: Stefan Diez
Manufacturer: Vibia

Artemide – Alphabet of Light

Photo: Artemide, Alphabet of Light

The medium is the message: Alphabet of Light is a modular system of lighting components that can be connected to form symbols and thus create messages in light. The components, consisting of straight and curved elements, can be combined as needed and are joined together by an electromagnetic connector without creating a shadow.
In this way, words made of light can be written in a space or exciting geometric shapes can be formed – simple, complex, linear or curvilinear light structures and even complete suspended lighting structures. The innovative construction principle offers planners and architects new possibilities in terms of lighting design.
Design: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
Manufacturer: Artemide

Carpetlight – CL Sphere

Photo: Carpetlight

A luminous cloth: Carpetlight is a luminaire system that was developed for professional lighting on film sets and photo shoots. The fabric lamps are notable for their minimal thickness of under 10 mm and low weight of around 1,000 g/m2. Due to their ultra-lightweight construction, they can be set up almost anywhere. Carpetlights can be manufactured to virtually any size and with individually positioned LEDs. The combination of LED technology and intelligent fabric made from polyamide fibres works without the need for cables and can be folded, rolled or crumpled without damaging the electronic components. The uniform, flicker-free light distribution, continuous dimmability of 0.5 to 100 per cent and its flexibility also make Carpetlight increasingly attractive for use in interior design.

Design ans Manufacturer: Carpetlight GmbH