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Lecture at The Stage by Axel Venn:
Creating Ambience with Art


Rooms large and small are becoming private galleries. Nothing is more flattering than posing for one’s own portrait in front of a 180 x 180 canvas. Politicians prove their awareness of the spirit of the time by having themselves filmed and photographed while conversing in front of works by present-day master artists. Axel Venn will show by means of a variety of visual formats how (the design process) can be original and very personal.

The Stage: Roman Rochel presents a Study of Kitchen Trends 2016: a view into German Kitchens

© Zeitraum
© Zeitraum

The kitchen is seen as the heart of every home. Where renovation and equipment are concerned, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. In his presentation, Roman Rochel exclusively presents the results of the first annual study on kitchen modernisation of the Internet platform The study encompasses questions following renovations completed in 2015, as well as budgets and projects for 2016.

Das Haus 2016 by Sebastian Herkner:
Everything is going according to plan

© Koelnmesse
© Koelnmesse

In just under a week it is time at last – imm cologne opens its doors again. This year “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” by Sebastian Herkner is not only a complete contrast to its predecessors, but also to the conventional living we are familiar with. Circular, more or less translucent and with next to no solid walls, the visitors can look forward to a totally new experience.

Welcome to “Das Haus”:
Oliver Herwig in a Talk with Sebastian Herkner


The new edition of “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” stands in bold contrast with all living conventions. It is circular, more or less transparent and has almost no solid wall elements. Nonetheless, Sebastian Herkner’s house promises to be a sensual experience – a house that is soft and aromatic, colourful and communicative. In the interview with Oliver Herwig, the designer talks about the conception of his installation.

The Stage: Lecture by Susan Inglis
Designing to Sustain a Healthy Future


What is Sustainable Furniture, anyway? Find out in this presentation by Sustainable Furnishings Council Executive Director Susan Inglis. Learn what sustainability issues we impact as we make choices in our furnishings, and then learn some key questions to ask and answers to look for as you specify product, whether furnishings or accessories, in wood, leather, textiles, and other materials. Content includes an overview of Sustainable Furnishings Council’s work and an impression of the certified sustainability training course GREENleaders.

Lecture at The Stage by Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener:
Colourful Storytelling and subtly nuanced News


Colours can tell fantastic stories or act in a more matter-of-fact-style. They can express the unique visual identity of a single piece of furniture, of any room or of a whole brand in a captivating and authentic way. The palette of possibilities is huge. Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener presents meaning and background information on subtly selected nuances within the bigger concept of colour families.

Lecture at The Stage by Zuzanna Skalska about the Awareness of Change


You cannot possibly think outside the box unless you understand the nature of the box that bounds your current thinking. Zuzanna Skalska will deliver her colourful and beautifully visualised storytelling that touches the imagination and inspires the audience with the latest design trends from various industries that influence and define design thinking for tomorrow’s creative minds, leaders, and business

Lecture by Axel Venn at The Stage:
Colour – providing Momentum for Living


Defining the future of living is a permanent, ongoing process. Progress is better than inertia, trying out new experiences is more exciting than forgoing, colours are more emotive than black and white. Colour-physiological and –psychological factors influence quality of home life. The associative and synaesthetic effects of colouring influence the effect on an interior and social function of the living environment. In his talk, Axel Venn explains the recipes for philanthropic living models, which are defined by colour, light, warmth, acoustics and the olfactory.

Lecture at The Stage by Martin Weiser:
Light – the visible Bridge


People live in light and on light. In nature, the sunlight shows the contours of our living environments and offers life-giving energy. Where natural light does not reach, in order to define spaces, people use artificial light to create a further dimension of experience and discovery. Light – natural or man-made – creates the bridge between perception, experience and recognition. Light can make us feel well or uncomfortable, at home or foreign, safe or threatened. Light controls and is controlled by us. Literally, as well as metaphorically, light is the visual bridge over which every step in our lives leads us.

Lecture at the Stage by Andrea Heppe: Home Staging – setting the ideal Stage for Living Environments

We don’t reach decisions purely on the basis of rational considerations; our emotions play a decisive role here. This applies to an especially great extent to the purchase of real estate property. Ultimately, a new life focus, our future home is involved. This is where home staging comes in: the key is to present the offered property in such a way that the enthusiasm of potential interested parties is aroused. The customer should simply fall in love. In her presentation, Andrea Heppe describes how living worlds can be perfectly staged on the basis of several projects.