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Lecture by Meinolf Heim at The Stage:
“Let’s be Smart” – When lighting goes online


The market is flooded with terms like “smart home”, “intelligent living” and “eHomes”. In the meantime we hear promising advertising slogans like “Your entire house in one app!” every day. But what does “everything” include? Here one quickly thinks of devices like washing machines or dishwashers, heating and blinds. Meinolf Heim concerns himself with intelligent lighting, its components and its functionality. Which lighting is “intelligent” and compatible with the home control system? How is it integrated into the home control system? What can intelligent ligthing even actually do? Meinolf Heim presents examples and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Lecture at The Stage by Jens J. Wischmann about
Trends in the Bathroom


Has the topic cosiness in the bathroom evolved into a megatrend? What about the “Healthyness in the Bathroom” trend and life-stage-friendly bathroom design? How important is the theme of hygiene in the bathroom? Jens J. Wischmann, Managing Director of for the VDS (German Sanitary Industry Association), presents these trends and other innovations and developments in his lecture.

Lecture by Wibke Schaeffer und Moritz Zielke about using sustainable Materials in Renovation Projects


In their presentation, architect Wibke Schaeffer and designer Moritz Zielke from the wiederverwandt (“re-used”) studio, talk about the ongoing trend towards sustainable living, renovation and furnishing. The Cologne-based office has been building, planning and designing for the organic sector amongst others since its formation in 2011 and is active in teaching. The individual on-trend materials will be presented in a variety of visual formats.

Naoto Fukasawa at The Stage: The Outline afterwards: Interview with Daniel von Bernstorff


Designing shape is to give form to values that people tacitly share and wish for. Naoto Fukasawa visually captures these values and he draws the exact outline of them. His ability for visualising such unseen outlines for things is not easily worded and described, nonetheless, people are convinced with his ability when they experience his design. In an interview that with Daniel von Bernstorff follows the lecture Fukasawa will engross his thoughts.

Lecture of Alessandro Quaranta at The Stage:
Make a Wish! Individualisation through Digitalisation


Furniture has to be adapted to suit us, not vice versa. New lifestyles, increasingly less living space and personal needs demand tailored solutions. In future, individualisation will no longer be a luxury, but indeed the standard. And the future has already begun: The technological progress is already leading to a flexibility in the production that didn’t exist before. So far, however, this potential is nowhere near being exploited. In his lecture, Alessandro Quaranta, presents the latest developments in the furniture industry and explains how the digitalisation is opening up a new dimension in individualisation.

Lecture at The Stage by Franz-Josef Schulte:
Exploring Myths – the Olive Tree is full of Secrets


The olive tree has been shrouded in myths and stories for centuries – beginning 6000 years BC on the island of Crete and later when Athens was founded in Greece. A tree whose fruit has brought mankind joie de vivre, health and wealth. A tree that can live for centuries, even though it grows on barren ground. In his lecture, the designer Franz-Josef Schulte will talk about the wood of the olive tree, its technical properties and the peculiarities when processing it.

Lecture at The Stage by Axel Venn:
Creating Ambience with Art


Rooms large and small are becoming private galleries. Nothing is more flattering than posing for one’s own portrait in front of a 180 x 180 canvas. Politicians prove their awareness of the spirit of the time by having themselves filmed and photographed while conversing in front of works by present-day master artists. Axel Venn will show by means of a variety of visual formats how (the design process) can be original and very personal.

The Stage: Roman Rochel presents a Study of Kitchen Trends 2016: a view into German Kitchens

© Zeitraum
© Zeitraum

The kitchen is seen as the heart of every home. Where renovation and equipment are concerned, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. In his presentation, Roman Rochel exclusively presents the results of the first annual study on kitchen modernisation of the Internet platform The study encompasses questions following renovations completed in 2015, as well as budgets and projects for 2016.